September 2017 Magickal Link Roundup

First of all, hello everyone! It’s been a long hiatus (almost 3 months!) and I’m not promising to be 100% back just yet. I’ve had a lot going on – which is such a generic thing to say – but more specifically I am dealing with health issues, so self-care has become my #1 priority without exception. My #2 magickal priority is my own coven, and then the blog here is #3. Don’t expect super long posts, but I will try to stop by more often again.

This is a new idea, so who knows if it will stick, but throughout the month I’m always finding great witchy writing around the web that I collect with the hope that I’ll add the best parts of them to my grimoire. I thought it would be fun and maybe even helpful to post them here. If you have a favorite witchy post/blog/product to share, please feel free to post it in the comments.

~ September 2017 Magickal Link Roundup ~

“Autumn Leaf Spirit Sculpture” by Mujuworld – This beautiful little sculpture would be a great addition to Mabon altars, and the artists were bold enough to wish everyone a happy Mabon on the equinox. Any opportunity to support a fellow pagan artists is something I’m always for.

“Becoming Dangerous: A Book About Ritual and Resistance” by Katie West – The link here takes you to West’s Kickstarter campaign, which is for a book of personal essays on ritual by marginalized people. The reference to emoji spells makes me cringe a little, but this book is intriguing and is definitely worth a share.

“Crystal Horoscopes: Healing Gemstones for Virgo Season” on Astro Style – While Astro Style can be fluffy and has only started writing about witchcraft now that it’s popular, their posts can be helpful. This post is a good, basic overview of how to use peridot and moss agate during a Virgo cycle.

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