New Moon December 18th 2017 in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Plate from Urania's Mirror

The December 2017 New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 1:30 AM EST on Monday, December 18th. The Moon then goes void-of-course at 8:10 AM on the same day, so even though the New Moon is technically on the 18th, you will almost certainly observe it before (unless you’re a night owl). The Moon then enters Capricorn at 8:33 AM that same day. The good news is that the Moon is in Sagittarius all day December 16th and 17th, and it enters Sagittarius at 8:07 PM on Friday December 15th, so it will essentially be in Sagittarius for two full days. This gives us plenty of time to work with this New Moon. This information is also detailed in my December 2017 Cosmic Concerns and is listed below.

New Moon December 2017 Timing

  • December 15th, Friday: Moon enters Sagittarius 8:07 PM
  • December 16th, Saturday: Moon is in Sagittarius all day
  • December 17th, Sunday: Moon is in Sagittarius all day
  • December 18th, Monday: New Moon at 1:30 AM; Moon void-of-course 8:10 AM, enters Capricorn 8:33 AM

Practically speaking, all this means you can do your New Moon ritual after 8:07 PM on the 15th, or any time on the 16th or 17th (recommended). Remember that this New Moon is also during a Mercury Retrograde, so tread lightly when it comes to putting big plans into action.

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Full Moon June 9th 2017 in Sagittarius

June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is giving us a break from the 2017 Moon times roller coaster with an entirely convenient range of times in which to observe it. The Full Moon occurs at 9:10 AM EST on Friday, June 9th, but you can also do your ritual on the evening of the 8th since the Moon is in Sagittarius all day. The Moon stays in Sagittarius until 2:20 AM on the 10th, so if you are charging your crystals you should do so on the night of the 8th.

I highly recommend doing your Full Moon ritual either on the evening of Thursday the 8th or Friday the 9th while the Moon is in Sagittarius, the correct sign to end this six month cycle that started with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th 2016. If you charge items overnight on the 9th the Moon will go void-of-course at 2:20 AM only to move into Capricorn at 7:36 AM. For charging the evening of the 8th works best, and that’s when I’m doing my full ritual, just to keep things simple. If you charge on the 8th but want to wait until the evening of the 9th, after Jupiter has gone direct, that works as well considering that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Do what works best for you and your schedule.

About June’s Full Moon

There are multiple names for May’s Full Moon, but the most common is the Strawberry Moon. Other names are the Rose Moon, Hot Moon, Honey Moon, and Strong Sun Moon. Strawberry Moon comes from Algonquin tribes because it’s a time to gather strawberries. The Rose Moon has similar origins, though modern flowers have been altered to bloom at many times, traditionally roses bloom in late May to early July. Honey Moon is where honeymoon originates from, this is because June was considered a traditional month to wed. In the Pagan tradition, the Beltane season belong to the Lord and Lady of May and represents the cosmic marriage that brings about life; because of this it is traditional to marry once the Beltane season ends out of respect. Strong Sun Moon and Hot Moon make total sense, especially since I live in Florida, where we are being steam cooked every time we leave the house by a combination of heat and humidity. The message of this Full Moon is one of fertility and coaxing your projects into bloom.

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New Moon November 29th 2016 in Sagittarius

Stellarscapes by Oriol Angrill Jorda

November’s New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 7:18 AM EST on Tuesday the 29th, and you have plenty of time to observe the New Moon in that sign, unlike October’s New Moon, which required a little planning. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:46 PM on Monday the 28th, and stays there until 11:08 PM on Wednesday the 30th, when it goes void of course. In simple terms, you have the nights of the 28th, 29th, and the early evening of the 30th to perform your New Moon ritual. Our busy schedules thank you.

Sagittarius is my rising sign and I definitely have some strong Sag traits (teacher, anyone?) so this is great energy to harness. I’m especially excited about this lunar cycle because December 1st is the last day of classes for the semester, which marks my first complete semester teaching college. It also marks the beginning of a month long chunk of time I plan on devoting to writing. I have big plans!

My guide, Witch’s Guide to New Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

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