About the Witch: My Witchcraft Story

Hello all! I hope that you are all having a wonderful and magickal year thus far. I thought it would be a good idea to take a moment and introduce myself to new readers of Astra Anima. What better way than by telling the story of my own magickal journey?

About the Witch

Meet the WitchI’m Brigitte, the magickal writer behind Astra Anima, and an eclectic pagan Taoist witch. I was raised in an Eastern religious tradition (my father moved toward Buddhism as I moved toward Taoism), but even though I was brought up in those traditions, I never felt like I completely fit in. Still, my ideas about life, death, and ‘the Universe’ are very much informed by Taoism, so I’m include it in my official witch title at the moment.

I became a witch when I was in 8th grade (so about 13 years old) and met my best friend who became my first coven leader. We were in a coven for the next six years that eventually grew to have four regular members and, at the largest ritual, a total of about a dozen people. This is where I learned a lot of my pagan witchcraft foundations as we celebrated the Full Moons and Sabbats. I remember sitting in her bedroom with a copy of Scott Cunningham’s Earth, Air, Fire, Water¬†taking copious notes in a cheap spiral notebook. We would sneak into the local park or clamor over the chain link fence behind her house into the scraggly the woods for our Esbats. There was one Sabbat we did at the beach where our grill was pulled into the ocean; I will always remember her chasing it into the water, dodging the hot coals that floated out as she retrieved it.

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