November 2017 Magickal Link Roundup

Late November 2017 Magickal Links for Witches and Pagans

It’s time for another magickal link roundup! Here’s hoping you had a lovely Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and that you weren’t tempted to use your magick to make anyone choke on a turkey bone. Ours was actually lovely, I’m happy to say, even if our witchlings weren’t around like normal. Now it’s Sagittarius season, and it’s full speed ahead into the winter holidays.

Below you will find the my favorite links from around the magickal interweb from the month of November. There are over 20 (!) links this month, so lots of things to peruse. To make it easier to navigate, I’ve sorted them into categories. Would this feature work better for you if it appeared twice a month instead of once? Also, if you have a favorite witchy post/blog/product to share, please feel free to post it in the comments.

~ November 2017 Magickal Link Roundup ~

Astrology and Numerology

How to Be an Aquarius by Sailor J (YouTube) – My partner is an Aquarius and this, like the Scorpio video, is super accurate and hilarious. “Wake up, sheeple!” Sailor J has also done videos for Cancer and Leo that are wonderful, too. The most recent addition is Aries and it had me laughing out loud.

Intuitive Astrology: Venus and Jupiter November 2017 on Forever Conscious – Venus and Jupiter cross paths in Scorpio this month, something that won’t happen again until January 2019. This article discusses what this energy means and what we can do with it (hint: it’s positive energy) as the holidays loom large on the horizon.

November Numerology: Manifesting Abundance & Sharing the Wealth on Astrostyle – I’ve been a numerology fan for quite a while and have found this monthly numerology report to be quite accurate in the past. I put the info in my BoS and then reflect on it at the end of the month.

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New Moon November 18th 2017 in Scorpio

The November 2017 New Moon in Scorpio occurs at 6:42 AM EST on Saturday, November 18th, which is when the Moon also goes void-of-course (a not uncommon occurrence). The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1:59 PM that same day. The good news is that the Moon is in Scorpio all day Friday November 17th, and it enters Scorpio at 3:19 AM on Thursday November 16th, so it will essentially be in Scorpio for two full days. This information is also detailed in my Cosmic Concerns: November 2017 post if you’d like to see this information as a list.

What this means is that you can do your New Moon ritual after 3:19 AM on the 16th (shouldn’t be too hard since I hope you’ll be sleeping then), or any time on the 17th.

The two week manifestation point for this New Moon is on Sunday, December 3rd with the Full Moon in Gemini. This also happens to be when Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius, oh goody gumdrops. The six month manifestation point is on Sunday, April 29th 2018 with the Full Moon in Scorpio.

My guide, Witch’s Guide to New Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

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Magickal Journal Ideas for November 2017

Maybe it’s the introspective nature of the Samhain season, but lately I’ve been wanting to redouble my efforts to fill my own grimoire. Below I have a list of topics to pack your magickal journal over the course of November. There are both prompts and correspondences listed below the activities. Hopefully we will all be inspired!


Recipes: Any favorite recipes, Sabbat recipes, recipes only you know, or special family recipes that haven’t been recorded can go in your magickal journal. Not all people keep recipes in their magickal journal, but there’s no reason not to if it resonates with you. If you don’t want to keep food recipes in your journal, think of a home remedy from your grandparents or great-grandparents and record it instead.

Thanksgiving Gratitude List: I usually reserve gratitude lists for Full Moons, but Thanksgiving is a holiday about thankfulness, after all (at least in its modern form). Spend time around Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) creating a master gratitude page in your magickal journal. Even if ‘gratitude’ it hokey to you, consider it a piece of attracting magick. This can be everything you are thankful for in life, or just in the last year.

Thanksgiving Reflection: Thanksgiving is a stressful holiday for a lot of people (myself included); before Thanksgiving, write a list of everything that you are worried is going to go wrong. Whether you realize it or not, you are giving energy to these fears. Once you have written them down, allow your mind to let them go; they’re in a safe place, no need to remember them anymore. After Thanksgiving is over, review the list. One of two things will happen: all or most of your fears will not have happened, or some/all of them have, and you’ve still survived. Variation: Once you have written your list of fears, burn the list in your cauldron to release them. Add a post-holiday reflection to your magickal journal in its place.

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Full Moon November 4th 2017 in Taurus

November’s Full Moon is on Saturday, November 4th at 1:23 AM EST; this Full Moon ends the cycle that started on April 26th 2017 with the New Moon in Taurus. The Moon moves into Taurus at 5:46 AM on Friday November 3rd, and exits Taurus at 4:49 AM on Sunday November 5th. This information is also available in list form in my November 2017 Cosmic Concerns post.

I recommend doing your Full Moon ritual on November 3rd after 5:46 AM, or any time on November 4th to work with Taurus energy. To charge items, they should sit out on either the night of the 3rd (recommended) or the 4th if you wake up super early.

My guide, Witch’s Guide to Full Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

About November’s Full Moon

There are many names for November’s Full Moon, but the two most common are the Beaver Moon and the Mourning Moon. The Native Americans call it the Beaver Moon either because it was the last chance to put out beaver traps before everything froze or because this was the time beavers were actively preparing for winter; they also called it the Frost or Frosty Moon. The November Full Moon is called the Mourning Moon in the Pagan tradition, which represents the death of the old god (as in elderly, not as in past) and the mourning is of him by the goddess. This can also represent Demeter mourning Persephone as she spends her time in the underworld, since this is the Full Moon after Samhain and the Day of the Dead, or the beginning of winter’s shorter days meaning the loss of precious sunlight. Regardless of what you call it, the meaning of the November Moon is that winter is imminent and we must finish preparing for it.

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Cosmic Concerns: November 2017

This list of November 2017’s astrological events is for witches and pagans who are interested in what’s going on in the cosmos. All times listed are in EST (Eastern Standard) and should be adjusted for your own time zone. Please note that this list is not even close to being exhaustive, but compiled by me to list events that are of magickal importance. This information is great to copy into your Book of Shadows if you maintain one; if you are looking for something more extensive my guide to lunar trackers is on the site here. I hope that you find it helpful; blessed be!

Planetary Movement, November 2017

5th: Mercury enters Sagittarius 2:19 PM
7th: Venus enters Scorpio 6:28 AM
21st: Sun enters Sagittarius 10:05 PM
22nd: Neptune direct 9:21 AM

Moon Cycle, November 2017

3rd: Moon enters Taurus 5:46 AM
4th: Full Moon in Taurus 1:23 AM
5th: Moon void-of-course 4:29 AM, enters Gemini 5:26 AM
16th: Moon enters Scorpio 3:19 AM
18th: Moon void-of-course 6:42 AM; New Moon in Scorpio 6:42 AM; Moon enters Sagittarius 1:59 PM

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