Book Review: Magical Folkhealing by DJ Conway

Magical Folkhealing by DJ Conway Magical Folkhealing: Herbs, Oils, and Recipes for Health, Healing, and Magic was published by Llewellyn in November 2018. Note: I recently signed up for NetGalley so I can get early copies of books in exchange for honest reviews, so, while I did not pay for this book, the opinions are still entirely my own. People always put those disclaimers at the end of the page and I feel like that’s so sneaky, so mine’s right up top. Anyway, the book! First, I love the cover and chapter headings for this book, and after reading the introduction I believe it’s meant to mimic the author’s own herbal that became the basis of this text. The introduction has a lot about the author’s background and it made me feel like the really understood the traditional folk magick behind herbal healing; the more I read about it the more intrigued I became.

The first few chapters are introductions to timing and terms with one covering flower and herb slang that presumably gave witches the reputation of “eye of newt” and other such mean ingredients. I really enjoyed seeing it all written out as a list and it gives me a little chuckle to think how these old slang terms ended up accidentally terrifying people. When covering the planets and signs I was disappointed that the author left out Pluto; even though we Scorpios are also ruled by Mars many (most) of us are very Pluto loyal. Hasn’t it regained planetary status yet? Because it will always be the planet of my heart.

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