Handmade Rose Soy Candle

Astra Anima Rose Scented Soy Candles

My partner and I have been making candles for our magickal doings and I thought you might want to check them out. This candle is rose, made with a classic, red rose fragrance, and I’ve decorated the candle with glitter, rose quartz tumbled stones, and red rose petals (from a bouquet, dried and crushed in house). Rose candles work well for self-love spells and spells for harmony in a relationship or family.

As a witch, I really want to make candles that were witch and pagan friendly, made with cleansed and charged ingredients. We originally sold these at craft shows, but now we make them for ourselves or as coven gifts. We actually have a dedicated scent for each date on Wheel of the Year, as well as New and Full Moon candles. Our families also get Yule candles for the winter holidays, and we have a special Thanksgiving scent, too. People seem to really enjoy getting gift bags when they come over for holidays, and we love any excuse to make stuff. Everyone’s happy!

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