Late December 2017 Magickal Link Roundup

Magickal Links for Late December 2017

It’s time for another magickal link roundup, the last one of 2017 to be exact! I’ve been finding so many wonderful resources around the witchy web that I’ve had a couple of requests to break this monthly post into two, more digestible, bi-monthly chunks. I think it’s a great idea, so here is part two of December’s magickal link roundup.

Below you will find the my favorite links from around the magickal interweb from the second half of December 2017. If you have a favorite witchy post/blog/product to share, please feel free to post it in the comments.

~ Late December 2017 Magickal Link Roundup ~

Astrology & Numerology

2018 Horoscopes: Your Yearly Astrological Forecast on Astrostyle – There is a lot of movement in the stars in 2018; this post is an overview of what to expect with specific details for each sign.

January Month Horoscope: Intentions Get Activated on Astrostyle – Very similar to their post above, but more information on planetary movement in January and what it means.

Books & Publications

Femme Fatale Volume 2 Zine on Little Paper Forest – I got this fancy zine as a holiday gift and absolutely love it. $15 is a bit pricey for a zine, but the print and paper quality is excellent, and I loved the content of the zine itself. If it appeals to you, I highly recommend it.

DIY & Handmade

DIY Swan Garland on A Beautiful Mess – A very cute idea for a garland made with cookie cutters and Sculpey. It looks really easy to make, which I like, and could be adapted for many different Sabbats.

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Early December 2017 Magickal Link Roundup

Early December 2017 Magickal Link Roundup

It’s time for another magickal link roundup! I’ve been finding so many wonderful resources around the witchy web that I’ve had a couple of requests to break this monthly post into two, more digestible, bi-monthly chunks. I think it’s a great idea, so here is part one of December’s magickal link roundup.

Below you will find the my favorite links from around the magickal interweb from the first half of December 2017. If you have a favorite witchy post/blog/product to share, please feel free to post it in the comments.

~ Early December 2017 Magickal Link Roundup ~

Astrology and Numerology

Astrology Forecast for 2018 on Forever Conscious – This post goes over some of the big astrological shifts anticipated in 2018, but without specific dates. It looks at the vibe of what’s ahead, for example, there are lots of outer planets in Earth signs. There are also more than a few eclipses, but I’ve never put much stock in that, since an eclipse is just a New Moon in the daytime.

December Numerology: Creating Space for What’s to Come on Astrostyle – I think the numerology posts are some of the strongest they write, and I always enjoy seeing if and how the information plays out over the course of the month.

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New Moon December 18th 2017 in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Plate from Urania's Mirror

The December 2017 New Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 1:30 AM EST on Monday, December 18th. The Moon then goes void-of-course at 8:10 AM on the same day, so even though the New Moon is technically on the 18th, you will almost certainly observe it before (unless you’re a night owl). The Moon then enters Capricorn at 8:33 AM that same day. The good news is that the Moon is in Sagittarius all day December 16th and 17th, and it enters Sagittarius at 8:07 PM on Friday December 15th, so it will essentially be in Sagittarius for two full days. This gives us plenty of time to work with this New Moon. This information is also detailed in my December 2017 Cosmic Concerns and is listed below.

New Moon December 2017 Timing

  • December 15th, Friday: Moon enters Sagittarius 8:07 PM
  • December 16th, Saturday: Moon is in Sagittarius all day
  • December 17th, Sunday: Moon is in Sagittarius all day
  • December 18th, Monday: New Moon at 1:30 AM; Moon void-of-course 8:10 AM, enters Capricorn 8:33 AM

Practically speaking, all this means you can do your New Moon ritual after 8:07 PM on the 15th, or any time on the 16th or 17th (recommended). Remember that this New Moon is also during a Mercury Retrograde, so tread lightly when it comes to putting big plans into action.

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Magickal Journal Ideas for December 2017

Magickal Journal Ideas and Prompts for December 2017

I started this feature last month and it very helpful for my own writing. I am keeping it going this month because, to me, December is the perfect time to stay indoors and work on a project. Below I’ve have a list of topics to pack your magickal journal over the course of December. There are both prompts and correspondences below.


Brag Letter: One of my favorite holiday traditions is the brag letter. A member of my own family sends one, and it’s always highly anticipated. The brag letter gets a bad reputation because we are supposed to be ‘humble’, but what’s wrong with being proud of our accomplishments? Consider writing a brag letter of your own in your magickal journal; there’s no need to send it if that makes you uncomfortable, just write it out. It can be as serious or as sarcastic as you want, and it might even surprise you.

Guided Meditation: December, for me, is a month of introspection. Consider a guided meditation; you can find one with the audio already recorded online, or you can use a written one and record yourself reading it. If you choose the latter, add the text of the guided meditation to your magickal journal, along with your reflection.

New Year’s Divination: The Yuletide season is the perfect time for divination, especially about the coming year. Record the results of your divination, and, if you have it, reflect on your divination from the previous Yule.

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Full Moon December 3rd 2017 in Gemini

December 2017 Full Moon in Gemini

December’s Full Moon is on Sunday, December 3rd at 10:47 PM EST; this Full Moon ends the cycle that started on May 25th 2017 with the New Moon in Gemini. The Moon moves into Gemini at 4:21 PM on Saturday December 2nd, and exits Gemini at 2:13 PM on Monday December 4th. This information is also available in list form in my December 2017 Cosmic Concerns post.

Importantly, Mercury, which is Gemini’s ruling planet, goes Retrograde just before the Full Moon at 2:34 AM EST on Sunday the 3rd. Because of that, I recommend doing your Full Moon ritual on the evening of December 2nd after 4:21 PM. You can do your ritual any time on December 3rd if you choose, of course. Regardless, to charge items, they should sit out on the night of the 2nd. December’s Full Moon is also a Supermoon, so enjoy the extra close Moon time.

My guide, Witch’s Guide to Full Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

About December’s Full Moon

There are many names for December’s Full Moon, but the most common is the Cold Moon and Long Nights Moon. Native Americans called it the Cold Moon for obvious reasons; the December Full Moon shines down on some chilly weather. Additionally, some Native American tribes called it the Long Nights Moon because it’s the time of the year when the night is the longest. For modern people, winter can be anywhere between somewhat inconvenient and quite enjoyable, but traditionally winter was a time of extreme danger through which survival was not guaranteed. The message of December’s Full Moon, grounded in this tradition, is that the winter has arrived and it must be endured.

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Cosmic Concerns: December 2017

Cosmic Movement for December 2017

This list of December 2017’s astrological events is for witches and pagans who are interested in what’s going on in the cosmos. All times listed are in EST (Eastern Standard) and should be adjusted for your own time zone. Please note that this list is not even close to being exhaustive, but compiled by me to list events that are of magickal importance. This information is great to copy into your magickal journal if you maintain one; if you are looking for something more extensive my guide to lunar trackers is on the site here. I hope that you find it helpful; blessed be!

Planetary Movement, December 2017

1st: Venus enters Sagittarius 4:14 AM
3rd: Mercury Retrograde 2:34 AM
9th: Mars enters Scorpio 3:59 AM
19th: Saturn enters Capricorn 11:49 PM
21st: Sun enters Capricorn 11:28 AM
22nd: Mercury Direct 8:51 PM
25th: Venus enters Capricorn 12:26 AM

Moon Cycle, December 2017

2nd: Moon enters Gemini 4:21 PM
3rd: Full Moon in Gemini 10:47 AM (Supermoon)
4th: Moon void-of-course 2:13 PM, enters Cancer 3:37 PM
15th: Moon enters Sagittarius 8:07 PM
18th: New Moon in Sagittarius 1:30 AM; Moon void-of-course 8:10 AM, enters Capricorn 8:33 AM

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Cosmic Concerns: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius December 3rd – 22nd 2017

Mercury will be spreading holiday cheer in the form of a Retrograde period in Fire sign Sagittarius from December 3rd through December 22nd 2017. While I believe that the way Mercury Retrograde affects you is based largely on your own astrological makeup, there are some things to watch out for, regardless. Below you will find the specific timing of this Retrograde including shadow periods, things to watch out for when there’s a Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, and general tips for a Mercury Retrograde, including what you can do about it.

Exact Timing

November 14th 2017: Shadow Period Begins
December 3rd 2017: Mercury Retrograde 2:34 AM
December 22nd 2017: Mercury Direct 8:51 PM
January 10th 2018: Shadows Period Ends

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Tips

Curb Your Wanderlust – Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac, so you may feel a winter pull to book travel plans to some exotic locale. As advertisements for ‘spiritual retreats’ pop up, consider having a mini-retreat at home and put off booking the flight to faraway. Instead, you can engage in a journey through your inner thoughts; Sagittarius is known for their love of learning, after all. Try a guided meditation or journaling instead. Luckily, if you have been spiritually slacking, this Mercury Retrograde may help you start back up. If you’ve been on a roll, take some time for introspection.

Holiday Travel Plans – Even though I’d recommend double checking travel plans during any Mercury Retrograde, I recommend quadruple checking them during one in Sagittarius that’s also during the holidays aka the triple threat. Flights getting cancelled during winter isn’t exactly something new, after all. Mercury Retrogrades are also known for issues with mail; it won’t hurt to shop for and/or send gifts early this year.

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