The Astra Anima blog is both the blog for my magickal workings and teaching as well as my crystal shop. On here you will find magickal book reviews, articles, personal entries, and crystal photos.

About the Witch

I am an eclectic pagan witch of 20 years, a teacher, and a crystal collector. I was raised within an Eastern religious tradition and those beliefs of karma and reincarnation harmonized beautifully with witchcraft.

Currently, I observe the New Moons every year, use the Full Moons to charge my magickal tools and reflect, and celebrate the eight Sabbats. I am partially in the “broom closet,” as it were: out to most of my family, but in the closet around the few who would be judgmental, since I refuse to invite their negativity into my life. I am a teacher in the South, so I am not open about my witchcraft in the classroom, as students are often fearful.

I had an amazing coven in my formative years with the most organized and hardworking coven leader. Now I observe the Sabbats with my single coven mate, my life partner, who is Druid. He is referred to as “my partner” on the site since he is not “out” of the broom closet to really anyone, and it’s not my place to out him.



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