25 More Bullet Journal Ideas for Witches

Pink Journal with Pencils

In the first part of this series I listed 25 Bullet Journal Ideas for Witches, and below you will find 25 more! I have been loving my BuJo, so hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you.

Astrology & Moon Magick

1. Full Moon Ritual Page
2. Mercury Retrograde Mood/Event Tracker
3. New Moon Ritual Page


4. Favorite Magickal Authors
5. Favorite Witch Shops (online or in person)
6. Favorite Witchy Quotes
7. Favorite Spells
8. Favorite Witchy Movies or TV Shows

Spells & Charms

9. Bath Blends (herbs, salts, scrubs, etc.)
10. Candle Correspondences
11. Charm Bags
12. Color Correspondences
13. Crystal Grids
14. Spells for Days of the Week (Sol’s Day, Wodin’s Day, etc.)


15. Apothecary Cabinet Page (herb and oil inventory)
16. Deity List
17. Divination Reference Page (different types of -mancy)
18. Energy Budget (for spoonie witches)
19. Glossary of Terms
20. Gratitude Page
21. Victorian “Language of Flowers”


22. Aesthetic (magazine clippings, print outs)
23. Pressed Flowers (in cellophane envelopes)
24. Series/Items You’re Collecting (books, crystals, etc.)
25. Witchy Publications and Zines (inventory, ratings, wishlist)


I hope you find this list useful to your magickal bullet journaling. Blessed be, friends!


Stock image by Jess Watters via Pexels

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