Indie Deck: Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck by Labyrinthos Academy

I am a huge fan of both Lenormand cards and Labyrinthos Academy, so when they started teasing a Lenormand deck, I knew that I would need it in my cartomancy collection. I received the Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck for my birthday last year, so this will be a sort of capsule review alongside information about the deck.

Seventh Sphere Lenormand by Labyrinthos Academy

The Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck is a modern version of the traditional 36-card deck, created in Labyrinthos Academy’s unique style. There is something that feels both very modern and quite dark about this deck. Interestingly enough, the artist does admit that creating this deck was the first time they worked with Lenormand cards, which may have been what contributed to this feeling. The images on the cards, as you can see above, are done in a dark, cool color scheme, with occasional splashes of greyed coral or mauve. It’s a moody deck full of clean, digital illustrations, and it feels contemporary.

Seventh Sphere Lenormand by Labyrinthos Academy

The deck itself is printed on “waterproof, eco-friendly plastic” cards, the size of a standard playing card deck. The back of the cards are matte white, embossed with a metallic, rose gold heptagram. The seven pointed star is alchemical symbol allegedly associated with paganism, but which I have never encountered. To be honest, I cannot stand the white backs, but maybe I will soften to them over time. I know that rose gold is on trend, but I don’t know why else it was used. White, aka the color that gets dirty instantly, as a card back; I’m having a hard time getting passed it. It also doesn’t match the moody vibe of the cards, and feels like a misstep to me.

Seventh Sphere Lenormand by Labyrinthos AcademyThe box, which you can see in the photo here, has blue plants on it, and a patterned card back made from this design would have been much better. The box itself is very fussy, it closes magnetically (opening from the right side instead of the top), and I can’t get the lid open further than 90 degrees before it starts damaging the box itself. Because of the elaborate box design, mine is a bit misaligned, too. If a simple tuck box would have lowered the price, I would have been all for it. The inside of the box is a beautiful mint green with skulls, moons, and plants, which would have also been a great card back. There is no booklet included, but all of the information is available on the Labyrinthos Academy website. The website also has amazing information about Lenormand spreads, from the simplest to the most elaborate; it is a remarkable resource.

On the topic of plastic cards I will come right out and say it: I love plastic cards. I’m clumsy and I take my decks everywhere, and beverages will be spilled on them. Plastic cards have a nice bend and feel durable; I have the Labyrinthos Golden Thread Tarot that’s on plastic cards and I love the feel of them. What I didn’t realize is that the Golden Thread is embossed, so there’s texture to the cards that still allows them to grip one another. The Seventh Sphere Lenormand deck has no such grip; these cards are slippery. I shuffled them just now and a third of the deck flew out of my hands and splattered all over the floor.

Seventh Sphere Lenormand by Labyrinthos Academy

The Seventh Sphere Lenormand is available in the Labyrinthos Academy shop and costs $38 USD. Indie decks are often fairly pricey, but Lenormand decks are usually more affordable than this (their 78 card Tarot is only $7 more). I think the price should be lowered a bit; if the printing cost is high, a simpler box or card stock would be nice. Either way, as much as I’m complaining, the Seventh Sphere Lenormand deck is actually very cool. I think I’m just hard on it because I was so excited about the release that maybe I got my hopes up a little too high. If you like the vibe, I would recommend that you buy it in a heartbeat.


“Lenormand Cards Meanings” on Labyrinthos Academy
“Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck” on  Labyrinthos Academy

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