Baby Room Blessing Bottle

Hand Holiding Baby Foot

A witchling will be among us soon, and so I was honored when I was asked to contribute to the protection and blessing of the baby’s room. This blessing jar is based, in part, of the House Blessing Potpourri recipe found in Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf. I’ve obviously made a lot of adjustments, but that article is what sparked my idea, and credit should be given when due.

This list below has a decent number of items on it, but you can either pick and choose, or see the second set of directions for a simple blessing jar ingredient list. This is because the jar really doesn’t need to be elaborate, but I love to go all out with baby stuff, and I have a lot of herbs and crystals on hand. Many of the herbs and crystals have overlapping properties to them, and this is because the jar is specifically to bless and protect a baby’s space.

These directions can also be adapted for a child, an adult, or a household. This jar would make a lovely gift for expecting parents, even if they aren’t pagan or witches.


  • Feather
  • Flowers, dried (see list below)
  • Glass jar with lid
  • Herbs, dried (see list below)
  • Salt
  • Shells


Cleanse and jar and items using your preferred method. Add the items below to the blessing jar, add the lid, and gently shake the jar. Before finishing the jar you may choose to add a protection sigil or other symbols/a message to the inside of the lid. Decorate the outside of the jar and/or lid, or leave plain. You may chose to glue the lid shut for extra safety. Place in the baby’s room for blessing and protection. If possible, charge under the next Full Moon.

Simple Blessing Jar

If you want to make a simple blessing jar, get a small jar (or a very small jar) and add lavender, rose, clear quartz, salt, a small feather, and a small shell. This blessing jar can be tiny, like a vial, so it can go unnoticed, and most of the items can be found around the house or found outside. This configuration allows for the elements and major aspects to be represented, and is a lot less elaborate than the full version. It’s also more affordable; a nice bonus.

Baby Room Blessing Jar

Notes and Variations

  • The glass jar can come already tinted or it can be painted/decorated for additional properties. Glass jars can be found very inexpensively at the Target Dollar Spot or in Dollar Stores.
  • Add a sigil to the inside of the lid for an extra dose of magick.
  • You may want to add the baby’s birthstone, if known, to the jar, or a ribbon of the same color as the baby’s birthstone can be tied around the neck of the jar. The jar itself can also be the color of the baby’s birthstone.
  • You can decorate the outside of the jar with the baby’s name, zodiac sign, or anything else you want to add.

~ Baby Room Blessing Bottle Correspondences ~


  • Amethyst: Balance, beginnings, calm, communication, concentration, consciousness, creativity, dream work, gratitude, grounding, harmony, healing, intuition, manifestation, optimism, peace, protection (general), psychic ability, purification (to cleanse or make new), sleep (to encourage, support), spirituality, strength, success, transformation, well-being.
  • Black Tourmaline: Grounding, growth, protection, purification, stability, support.
  • Clear Quartz: All-purpose crystal.
  • Hematite: Awareness, balance, calm, clarity, communication, confidence, courage, discipline, divination, grounding, happiness, healing, intelligence, knowledge, optimism, power, protection, stability, willpower.
  • Moonstone: Accomplishment, calm, clairvoyance, compassion, creativity, divination, dream work, friendship, guidance, happiness, harmony, healing, hope, knowledge, loyalty, luck, protection (during travel), psychic ability, stress relief, support (to give and receive), wisdom.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Protection (spiritual and during travel), purpose (to find, understand), rebirth or renewal, self-work, skills (to discover), strength, success, stress relief, truth, visions, wealth, willpower.


  • Chamomile: Balance, blessings/consecration, calm, communication, creativity, determination, dream work, gentleness, grounding, harmony, healing, intuition, luck, manifestation, peace (inner), sleep (to support), stress relief, wealth, wishes.
  • Jasmine: Astral realm, balance (emotional), calm, clarity, communication, consecration, creativity, defense, dream work, grade, happiness, harmony, healing, imagination, luck, magick, peace, prosperity, protection (general), purification (to cleanse or make new), relationships (romantic), stress relief, wealth.
  • Lavender: Balance (emotional), calm, clarity, communication, consecration, courage, creativity, divination, dreamwork, friendship, gentleness, gentleness, goals, harmony, healing, inspiration, longevity, luck, peace, protection (general), purification (to cleanse or make new), renewal, relationships (peaceful), strength, wishes.
  • Marigold: Affection, awareness, comfort, consecration, dedication, dream work, endurance, energy (solar), fidelity, happiness, healing, longevity, messages/omens, peace, protection (spiritual), responsibility, transformation (inner), well-being.
  • Rose: Blessings, calm, clairvoyance, compassion, confidence, creativity, dream work, family, grace, happiness, the home, inspiration, luck, patience, protection (emotional), relationships, sleep, strength, trust, well-being, wisdom.


  • Lemon Balm: Calm, clarity, comfort, consecration, healing, longevity, memories (past life), relationships, sorrow (to ease), stress relief, sympathy.
  • Rosemary: Comfort, communication, consecration, courage, creativity, determination, dream work, emotions, empowerment, friendship, healing, honesty, inspiration, intelligence, intuition, knowledge, longevity, loyalty, memory power, protection, psychic ability, renewal, sleep, well-being, willpower, wisdom.
  • Wormwood: Note that this plant is poisonous! Clairvoyance, courage, defense, endurance, forgiveness, guidance, peace, protection from enchantment, psychic ability, purification, transformation, visions.


  • Cascarilla: Protection, symbolic of Spirit.
  • Feather: Symbolic of Air.
  • Jar: Symbolic of Fire.
  • Salt: Protection, symbolic of Earth.
  • Shell: Symbolic of Water.

Additional Reading

How to Make and Use Cascarilla Powder


Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences

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