Bullet Journal Tarot Tracker

I started testing out a bullet journal (bujo) system in November 2017, and switched to using it officially (aka formally replacing my planner and BOS) in January 2018. I knew that I wanted to start tracking my daily tarot card pulls in the bullet journal because I feel that practice is the only way to really learn the cards well. I searched a bit online, but couldn’t find a tarot tracking system that I liked. After some frustration (and a lot of erasing), I ended up making my own.

Bullet Journal Tarot TrackerI use the Leuchtturm1917 dotted A5 notebook in gold from the metallic 100th anniversary edition of notebooks. I’m noting this because I’ve heard online that the grid in this edition is slightly different than their standard notebooks.

You can see the blank tarot tracker to the left; I’m quite proud of it. I used a very simple version for a few months, but wanted something a little more fun and graphic looking. I used this tracker throughout January and it worked very well.

Each card ‘box’ is three squares wide by four squares tall. There’s a two square space in between each row, and a one square space between each column. The key box is ten squares tall by seven squares wide. This layout has enough space for the key and 32 card boxes, more than enough for every month. The extra card box can be used as an ‘oops box’ if you mess a card up enough that you want to rewrite it. Alternatively, you could use it for a monthly card, or leave it off entirely.

I draw a drop shadow around each box using that month’s accent color. There are four rows at the top left blank for the title and the month. I start filling it in by numbering each box, putting the number for the day in the middle of the top row within the card. Every morning I pull one card and record it, then, in the evening, I evaluate its accuracy. This page is placed after my monthly calendar, but before my weekly spreads.

Bullet Journal Tarot TrackerFor the minor arcana (which is most of what I pull) I note the number and then put the icon for the suit (see the key in the upper left for my icons). For the major arcana, I either write it out if it’s short (for the Fool card I write “Fool”), or abbreviate it if it’s long (the High Priestess is “Prsts”); if you prefer you could write the number, since the majors are numbered.

It takes a little bit of work to set up the tarot tracker the first month, but I’m finding that, each additional month I use it, the page gets easier to create. I also like that it’s versatile, so if I chose to practice my Lenormand or with another oracle deck I don’t have to reinvent the wheel (just the title and key).


I hope you found my tarot tracker useful for you bullet journal. You can also use it a lot of other places, of course. If you end up using it, I would love to see the results! Just leave a comment with a link and I will check it out. Also, let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more witchy bujo posts.

Supplies Used

  • Leuchtturm1917 dotted A5 notebook in gold
  • Sakura Pigma Micron in 02 and 03
  • Tombow dual brush pen in 743 (from Bright set)

Image Credit

All photos by me

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