New Moon February 15th 2018 in Aquarius

Aquarius - Urania's Mirror

The February 2018 New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 4:05 PM EST on Thursday, February 15th. However, the Moon goes void-of-course at the exact same time, meaning you will need to observe this Full Moon sooner rather than later. The good news is that the Moon is in Aquarius all day February 14th, and it enters Aquarius at 10:11 AM on Tuesday, February 13th, so it will essentially be in Aquarius for two full days. This gives us plenty of time to work with this New Moon. This information is also detailed in my February 2018 Cosmic Concerns post and is listed below.

New Moon February 2018 Timing

  • February 13th, Tuesday: Moon enters Aquarius 10:11 AM
  • February 14th, Wednesday: Moon is in Aquarius all day
  • February 15th, Thursday: New Moon at 4:05 PM, void-of-course 4:05 PM, enters Pisces 9:42 PM

Practically speaking, all this means you can do your New Moon ritual after 10 AM on the 13th, any time on the 14th (recommended), or before 4 PM on the 15th.

The two week manifestation point for this New Moon is on Thursday, March 1st 2018 with the Full Worm Moon in Virgo. The six month manifestation point is on Friday, July 27th 2018 with the Full Moon in Aquarius. This New Moon marks the end up the Lunar Year, with the Lunar New Year occurring on February 16th and the year of the Dog. 

My guide, Witch’s Guide to New Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, a Fixed, and an Air sign that is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius is associated with social justice and responsibility. They are the zodiac’s rebel, and enjoy being unique and different. An Aquarius is more likely to have a lot of casual friendships, rather than a few deep ones, because they are a very social sign. Because of their confidence, they are able to make friends easily and are passionate about causes they believe in. No one loves a conspiracy theory more than an Aquarius, but maybe this is because they’re usually ahead of their time. Aquarius might be the water bearer, but any Aquarius would say that what they really carry is the truth! Saturn was the original ruler of the sign, but Uranus was also assigned to Aquarius after its discovery. This New Moon ushers in the Lunar New Year and is also a Solar Eclipse, which will give an extra boost of energy to your magick.

Because of the Aquarian traits explored above, consider setting an intention to help with a humanitarian cause or bolster friendships. Because of Aquarius’ connection to technology, you could also download a new tarot learning app, or try out some emjoi spells. If your magickal practice is feeling stagnant, now is a good time to shake things up and try something new. If you neglected to set goals on the solar new year, the lunar new year give you a second chance. If you just aren’t comfortable looking that far ahead, focus on something you can complete before the Full Moon in two weeks. As a Fixed sign, Aquarius is all about stubbornly adhering to goals, good energy for any New Year’s Resolutions that may have started to gather dust.


For this New Moon there are two suggested cartomancy spreads to choose from: Tarot and Lenormand. Tarot is associated with emotions or the feeling of a situation, while Lenormand is literal and practical. Choose whichever you feel comfortable with or try out both and see which one works best for you. Since Aquarius is an air sign, consider doing some air-themed divination, like smoke scrying with incense, or cloud scrying.

Suggested Tarot Spread: 3 Cards

Aquarius is associated with the Fool and the Star cards in the tarot. Since the Lenormand spread below uses the Star, this tarot spread will use the Fool. The Fool is 00, the first card of the major arcana, full of possibilities. This card is one of idealism, even to the point of being oblivious, and is all about setting out of a new journey. Many read the tarot as the Fool’s journey throughout a lifetime. 00 contains nothing and everything simultaneously. This spread is designed to help you see where you will travel during this year’s Aquarius lunar cycle.

Card #1: To what emotional place will I travel during this six month lunar cycle?
Card #2: What tools will help me get the most out of this journey?
Card #3: What diversions will appear on my path?

If you get a Major Arcana card this is a ‘big ticket’ item. For the Minor Arcana, Pentacles would indicate finances, career, and money; Cups would indicate feelings, creativity, and relationships; Sword cards indicate intellect and power; and Wands indicate spirituality.

You can choose to read reversed cards in this spread, if you like, or you can read Card #3 as a reverse since it is the ‘distraction’ card. You can use The Fool as a guiding card, placing it on your tarot reading surface, or you can look for it in the spread.

Instead of this spread, you can always ask how best to use the energy of the Aquarius season, or what will help your meet the goals that you set as intentions.

Suggested Lenormand Spread

Lenormand, unlike tarot, gives more concrete answers that deal with the ‘real world,’ as opposed to tarot dealing the the emotions surrounding events.

The Lenormand card that I associate with Aquarius is also a card in the tarot: The Star. The Star was also used in last month’s Capricorn New Moon Lenormand spread. The Star is about manifestation, inspiration, dreams, and achievement (an end). This makes since for this New Moon since we are reaching the end of the lunar year.

The Star Lenormand Spread

For this two-card Lenormand spread, ask your question while shuffling, and then find The Star card, symbolizing manifestation. A suggested question is “Where should I focus my attention during this six month lunar cycle?” Set down The Star, and then set down the next card in the stack. It will look like this:

The Star + Card

Then read the cards as a combination; Labyrinthos Academy has a great combination chart that can be used for this exercise, or you can brainstorm meanings using your intuition, and see how it manifests.


With your intentions set and advice in mind, now you can go into the New Moon cycle and put your intentions to work with actions. The Full Moon in early March is a good time to check in and review your notes, then in July 2018 we’ll meet again to see how we’ve done.

I hope you all found this guide helpful, I’ll be back at the next Moon and we can go through the steps together again. Have a beautiful lunar cycle my friends, and blessed be!


“Aquarius” on Astrograph
“Aquarius” on
“Aquarius” in Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences
Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2018

Image Credit

“Aquarius,” Plate 26 from Urania’s Mirror, Sidney Hall, 1825, restored by Adam Cuerden

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