13 Magickal Ways to Fill a Notebook

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I absolutely love blank books, and am pretty much always looking for an excuse to use them. Luckily, witchcraft lends itself to the hoarding of notebooks, blank books, planners, and what not. Here are thirteen magickal uses for notebooks so you can hoard away.

13 Magickal Ways to Fill a Notebook

1. Animal & Nature Sightings Journal – Animal sightings are a type of divination/sign in and of themselves, but I often forget to include them in my magickal journal. You can keep a diary of just animal sightings, or include when you see certain flowers, plants, or compelling clouds. To take it a step further you can press flowers and record where you collected them, then add magickal correspondences and uses.

2. Astrological Correspondences – The correspondences between the 12 signs of the zodiac and the planets is extensive, and could easily fill a notebook. There could be a page for each sign with its information and correspondences, a page for each planet and its movement and magickal information, and a section that cross-references the two sections (ie: what Mercury in Scorpio means). There can also be information on planetary retrogrades, and a calendar that covers as much or as little of the information at you like.

3. Book of Shadows/Grimoire/Magickal Journal – This is the obvious choice, of course, and my article on Starting You Grimoire and/or Book of Shadows is my most popular post. A magickal journal is a must-have for a witch, in my opinion. Magickal journal is an all-purpose magickal use for a notebook, and a lot of the items on the list can be added to a magickal journal, too.

4. Crystal Compendium – If you’re a crystal collector, keeping an inventory of your rock babies is the perfect use for a notebook. It can include a description, cost, and what spells you’ve used it in. Additionally, a page can be devoted to the correspondences and magickal uses of each crystal.

5. Divination Diary – Keeping a record of all your divination in one place has its benefits. Having a master divination diary on hand will allow you to cross-reference divination, signs, and dreams with their outcomes. The simplest version of this would to select one form of divination and do it every day, along with a rating of its accuracy; like a line-a-day diary, but for whatever form of divination you prefer. Personally, this system has helped me learn tarot a lot better.

6. Dream Journal – This needs to be kept by the bedside for maximum effectiveness. If you write down dreams immediately upon waking – yes, even before checking your phone – you are much more likely to remember those dreams. Filter out events from the previous day, and see if there are any signs or symbols that show up frequently, or have shown up in your actual life. You can also record dream spells and charms here.

7. Magickal Tool Inventory & Wishlist – Some witches have a significant amount of magickal tools that should be inventoried. Include providence (aka where you got it), times it’s been used, and effectiveness of spells. For example, if you switch to a new candle company and many of the spells performed with them fizzle, maybe you should switch back to your previous supplier. You can also include your wish list here, for example, crystals or card decks that you want to add to your collection.

8. Magickal Reading Diary – As you know, I read a lot of witchcraft and paganism books, and if I didn’t review them here, I would forget them entirely. In a magickal reading diary you can keep a list of all the books you own, have read, or want to read (or all three). For an individual book you can keep a reading tracker, with the date, page you’re on, and your thoughts so far. You can also include favorite spells and quotes from a book, a simple star rating, or just a list of pages with info on what you want to revisit.

9. Moon Magick Book – A master book of moon magick can be very helpful when observing New and Full Moons every year. You can include information for each lunation or phase, Full Moon names (traditional or make your own), and correspondences for signs. For example what a Full Moon in Gemini would mean magickally, or what to start when there’s a New Moon in Taurus. You can also include crystal correspondences, spells, and divination for different moons.

10. Tarot Book – A tarot notebook can either be for your readings, card meanings, or both. If making your own tarot compendium, it could house information on keywords and correspondences compiled from multiple sources. You can also record your own readings, tarot spells, and tarot spreads for future use. Print and include black and white card images that you can color yourself, or buy tarot stickers to use as illustrations.

11. Premonition/Intuition Journal – When you just ‘get a feeling’ about something you can write it down in your intuition journal and check on it later. I’m always getting little feelings or imagining scenarios, but most of the time it’s impossible to sort out being psychic from being a worrywart. Recording these feelings to look at later allows you to start sorting out the way each event feels, which will hone your intuitive skills over time. You can also record the results of intuition surveys and tests that you take.

12. Witch Inspiration (Witch-spiration) Book – A witch-spiration book can contain quotes, short stories, goals, ideas, fairy tales, myths, ‘aesthetic’ images, or anything else that you find inspiring for your witchcraft path. There are times in every witch’s practice that they feel uninspired, and revisiting what inspires you can help you get back on your magickal path.

13. Witchy Recipe Book – This can be a book of recipes in the traditional sense, but with a witchy twist like Sabbat-specific recipes. However it can also include tinctures, essential oil blends, candle and incense recipes, potions, powders, charm bags, or any other ‘recipe’ for magick you cook up.


I hope that you all found this list helpful and that you have a few ideas of how you can fill up some of the notebooks in your collection. Once they’re full that means you can buy even more notebooks, so sign me up! Blessed be, friends.

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