Indie Oracle Deck: “Supra” Oracle by Uusi

Supra Oracle by Uusi

Uusi is an independant tarot and oracle card maker extraordinaire, and their latest release is the “Supra” Oracle, which include 56 unique cards. From their website:

“Supra” is an oracle deck loosely based on Jungian psychology and how it mingled with Gnosticism. We loved the melding of physics, psyche and ancient knowledge in Jung’s practice that inspired an artistic leap at the dawn of the 20th Century in how Man relates to the world around him. It was a process of soul making in an era of growing preoccupation with the Machine and a return to our mystic roots that nourish and enliven our essential selves – our individual identities – within the immeasurable expanse of the cosmos.

With a world very much in play and running more and more at a machine’s pace, we need objects and practices that ask us to stop, to reflect, and above all to allow us time to be human – to listen to what is in our hearts as much as what is in our minds.

I am very intrigued by the idea of a Jung-inspired oracle deck, and the archetypes are pulled from various (presumably Western) traditions. I believe the aim of this oracle deck is to sort of mimic a sort of collective unconscious and to pull advice from that system of “mystic roots”. My first reaction is that this deck would be potentially very useful for shadow work.

The cards themselves are simple and neutral in color: a natural tan background with graphite colored ink on the face, and a black and white starry cosmos pattern on the back. My big gripe with the deck is that the guide lines for the drawings are left intact; the guide lines are placed by artists so they don’t go outside of the planned space, but then they are erased when the drawing is complete. The presence of these lines that flow out almost to the edges really bother me; though, there’s a trend of people cutting the edges off of their decks, which would eliminate these lines entirely.

Supra Oracle by UusiAs for the cards themselves, only a few images have been released by Uusi, some via their shop and others via the Supra Kickstarter. The images released so far are very promising, with known cards including: Air, Deus ex Machina, Earth, Fire, Intuition, Silence, Seeker, Simplicity, Unconscious, and Water. The element cards use their alchemical symbols, as well as other images. The effect is that the cards as deceptively simple, plain on first glance, but intricate upon closer examination.

Kickstarter backers got a not-insignificant discount of up to $12; after the Kickstarter, the “Supra” Oracle was made available for pre-order for $42, and will be released in March 2018. The Uusi online shop page for the deck states that this is a “special pre-order price,” which indicates that the final price will be even higher. I own their Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and can vouch for the high quality of the printing and materials. I assume this oracle deck will be no different, which justifies the price tag.

I keep alternating between wanting to pre-order this deck and holding back from doing so; in large part because I don’t use oracle decks all that often, so it would probably sit on my shelf. However, the art is wonderfully stylized, beautifully mimicking old engravings, and the choice of cards so far is definitely enough to intrigue. If you decide to add the “Supra” Oracle to your collection, I’d love to know what you think of it.


“Supra Oracle” in the Uusi Shop
“Supra” on Kickstarter

2 thoughts on “Indie Oracle Deck: “Supra” Oracle by Uusi

  1. I received this oracle yesterday and while it is of good quality and lovely, I too dislike those artists lines and the book is sold separately for another $32. Some of the cards are easy to understand but some require an explanation. Not sure how much I will use them but they are pretty. Took 4 months to get.

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