Late January 2018 Magickal Link Roundup

Late January 2018 Witch Links

It’s time for another magickal link roundup wherein I have compiled this fortnight’s best resources from around the witchy web. Today is also the Full Blue Supermoon in Leo with an eclipse visible from some spots around the globe. If that seems like a lot – it is – this Full Moon is the manifestation for the August 2017 New Moon in Leo that caused solar eclipse. Thank you to everyone who has been checking out the post of the last few days!

Below you will find the my favorite links from around the magickal interweb from the latter half of January 2018. If you have a favorite witchy post/blog/product to share, please feel free to post it in the comments.

~ Late January 2018 Magickal Link Roundup ~

Astrology & Numerology

The New Age of Astrology by Julie Beck on The Atlantic – Honestly, the article was kind of cringey and hard to read for me, because it largely focused on why people (or the author) thinks astrology is nonsense. Really, though, the more I’ve learned the more about astrology, I’m surprised at how accurate it is. How we all feel so unique, special, and self-determining and … well, we aren’t, that more than you’d think is in the stars. I do think it’s good to see how the muggles feel though, and if you can get through this read, you will get some information on the current modern perspective on astrology.

Tarot & Divination

A Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread on Labyrinthos Academy – A four-card courage themed tarot spread for the January 31st 2018 Full Moon in Leo.

What’s Old is New by Barbara Moore on Llewellyn Unbound – It starts with information on a new book, but what I like about the post is at the end: a tarot spread from a 1955 magazine. The spread is pictured and is an interesting variation on a simple yes/no reading.

Zodiac Cards by Little Paper Forest – LPF released a series of zodiac illustrations late in 2017, and has now announced that they will be making a 13 card deck out of them. At $20 (with shipping it’s $27) they are not inexpensive, but personally I love them. I will have my full write up on this deck once it arrives, since I had to buy them the second I saw them.

Moon Magick

Blue Moon Tea Blend on The Witch of Lupine Hollow – A lovely tea blend idea for the January 31st Full Moon. I especially appreciate that the author gives the correspondences for each ingredient at the bottom of the post.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 31st 2018 on Mystic Mama – I enjoy that this site presents various aspects and interpretation of the Moon events. It’s a nice alternative to the witchy perspective that I write from, since it addresses different aspects of astrology.


Vegan Sloppy Joe Recipe on Minimalist Baker – My partner and I tried this recipe out a week ago and it’s delicious. We left out the grape seed oil, used raw sugar instead of coconut sugar, and used Braggs Aminos instead of vegan Worchestire sauce. They turned out super delicious, filling, and pretty low calorie. Highly recommend!

Witchcraft & Paganism

Hedge Riding Series: What is Hedge Riding? on Flying the Hedge – I am very excited for Willow’s series explaining hedge riding since it’s something I’ve been intrigued by for some time, but which I don’t personally practice. This introductory post explains what hedge riding is: dangerous and helpful meditation.

Herbarium: Orange on Flying the Hedge – I read this and said, “Thank you!” to my screen. I am so glad that Willow decided to add orange to the Herbarium series since even my beloved Complete Book of Correspondences is missing orange (oh, the irony). I will say though that there’s been this trend lately to think of oranges as the “golden apples” from myth, which is reproduced here. This may be true in some cases, and I’m not going to dismiss it outright, but as someone who has studied mythology extensively, I don’t agree with this reading. The “golden apple of discord” is not just a plain ol’ orange, otherwise goddesses would not be fighting over it. I would leave out the oranges = golden apples part, and the rest is quite good. Also, what a strange pet peeve to have, right?

The Problem of Personal Gnosis by Aaron Leitch on Llewellyn Unbound – The article discusses the issues with channeling spirits or asking deities for answers to magickal questions. As someone who doesn’t work with channeling this way, I found the article interesting; as a teacher, I found it maddening that people would rather get out their pendulum than open a reference book.

I hope you find these links helpful for you magickal doings. I very much enjoyed compiling them, and hope you find these resources useful, too. I will be back halfway through February for another link roundup.

Blessed be, friends!

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