Magickal Journal Ideas for February 2018

Magickal Journal Ideas for February 2018

Below I’ve have a list of topics to pack your magickal journal, grimoire, or book of shadows over the course of February. There are both prompts and correspondences below. Happy journaling!


Imbolc Offerings: February 2nd is Imbolc, the pagan festival honoring Brigid that became the Christian holiday Candlemas. Consider making an offering to Brigid or adding information on Imbolc or Brigid to your grimoire. Offerings include candles and milk since Imbolc means “Ewe’s milk” or “of milk” in Gaelic. Journal about your offerings and, if you asked for something from Brigid, reflect on how it manifests.

Groundhog’s Day: February 2nd 2018 is both the pagan holiday Imbolc and the secular holiday Groundhog Day. One of my personal traditions is watching the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day” either on the 2nd or the closest day that I’m alone. The tradition of this holiday has pagan origins, and the movie itself addresses karma and reincarnation as much as a popular movie possibly could. If you choose to watch it, reflect on its spiritual meaning in your magickal journal.

Lunar New Year: Often referred to as Chinese New Year (though China is not the only place that celebrates it), the Lunar New Year is the day after the New Moon in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. For 2018 the Lunar New Year is on February 16th which is a Year of the Dog. I posted ideas on how pagans can celebrate the Lunar New Year a while back, but some small things that can be done are wearing red, cleaning the house, and reflecting on the previous year. If you follow a lunar calendar, this New Year may feel more ‘natural’ than the solar one on January 1st.

Resolution Reflection: If you set New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year, February is a natural point to reflect on them. Ask yourself what’s working and what isn’t, consider writing a revised list, or breaking larger goals down into monthly goals.


For correspondences, I suggest selecting any of the topics below that interest you, and adding a page of information about them to your magickal journal. If you don’t already have one, my guide to starting a magickal journal can be found here.


  • Aquarius
  • Dog
  • Pisces

Crystals & Metals

  • Amethyst
  • Turquoise

Full Moon Names

  • Hunger Moon
  • Milk Moon
  • Snow Moon
  • Quickening Moon


  • Imbolc (February 1/2)
  • Februalia (February 15)
  • Lunar New Year (February 16, 2018)
  • Lupercalia (February 15)

Mythology and Folklore

  • Brigid (honored on Imbolc)
  • Faun (honored during Lupercalia)
  • Februus (honored during Februalia)
  • Nian (frightened during the Lunar New Year celebrations)


  • 2 (the year number for 2018 and February)
  • 2/22
  • 4 (the month number for February 2018)


  • Neptune
  • Uranus

I hope that you found this list helpful! Blessed be, friends.


Llewellyn’s 2018 Witches’ Datebook
Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences

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Stock image via Pexels

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