Hematite and Carnelian Crystal Grid for Depression

Crystal Grid to Fight Depression

Depression is one of the ‘invisible’ diseases that is becoming more common every year. I’ve had multiple requests to make a depression grid, or to discuss what crystals are best for treating depression, but I’ve been hesitant to do so because what I want people to use to treat their depression is therapy, not crystals. However, I’ve had enough requests that I feel that this is a ‘call’ and that I should answer it.

This crystal grid uses carnelian, hematite-included quartz (also called harlequin quartz), and clear quartz to help dispel the effects of depression. This red grid is meant to ‘light the fire’ necessary to take the next step in treating depression. Personally, I highly recommend finding a qualified and sympathetic therapist; I say this as a person who has gone to therapy themselves, it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Please understand that this crystal grid is an aid meant to supplement – not a replacement for – proper treatment.

These are, by no means, the only crystals that can be used for this grid or for depression. In my research, however, I found that many of the crystals specifically assigned to depression were extremely rare. As a rule I only use/recommend crystals that I consider reasonably affordable.


Carnelian x4
Quartz generator crystal
Crystal grid base
Hematite included quartz points x4

Before you begin, cleanse the crystals and the grid using your preferred method.


Choose a place to keep your crystal grid that won’t be disturbed for a long period of time. Since this is a depression-busting grid for restoring the spark of life it is associated with Fire, and placing it in the the South side of your home, room, or office is ideal. Start by printing out the symbol Vegvísir – an Icelandic magical stave – shown below.

This symbol helps the user make his or her way through rough weather, perfect for a depression-busting crystal grid. Next place the crystals as listed below:

  • Center: Generator crystal point
  • N, E, S, W Positions: Hematite included quartz
  • NE, SE, SW, NW Positions: Carnelian

The generator crystal goes in the center, and the hematite included quartz crystals are placed at the North, South, East, and West points. The carnelian is spaced evenly between each hematite quartz at North East, South East, South West, and North West. Place the crystals directly on top of the symbols. (My specific reasons for picking these crystals can be found below.)

Once your grid is assembled you need to activate it. To do this, visualize each crystal connecting to the generator crystal by picturing a glowing white line of light being drawn between them. In the same way, connect each crystal to its neighbor until all of the crystals are connected through energetic lines. Once this is complete, the grid should ‘click’ together, indicating that it has formed a unit; this is something you will just ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ happening. You can visualize the white lines glowing brightly before fading away, or visualize the lines burning with white fire.

Your grid will need to be charged regularly, and will take some time before working, possibly months. Usually, a crystal grid would be given your energy, but in the case of a depression-breaking grid, I suggest charging this grid under the Full Moon instead. Do this by cleansing the grid using your preferred method (I outline some variations here). Then charge the grid under the Full Moon by allowing the light of the Moon into the room where you keep your grid (opening the curtains or blinds). It is important not to disturb the grid and allow it to build energy over time.

Why These Crystals?

For this depression grid I feel that it’s particularly important for me to explain why I chose these crystals, specifically.

Harlequin Quartz aka Hematoid Quartz

Clear Quartz (Generator): Clear quartz is an all-purpose crystal. If available, this crystal can be replaced with a hematite-included generator point, but clear quartz works fine. This crystal works well with the grid and is widely available.

Hematite-Included Quartz (N, E, S, W): I chose hematite-included quartz because I’ve personally worked with it and I’m a strong believer in its effectiveness. It has the all-purpose properties of clear quartz, with the additional properties of hematite. Also called harlequin quartz, it is used to provide energy to the physical body, something necessary in fighting depression. It is used specifically in the treatment of depression to give the person the will to go forward with treatment. Harlequin quartz is also called hematoid quartz, fire quartz (though fire quartz has other inclusions), and strawberry quartz (though dyed quartz is called by the same name). Look for clear quartz with red flecks, or solid, red inclusions (see my photo above for an example of harlequin quartz). Make sure you’re using a shop you trust. Small pieces should not be too expensive. This crystal is placed at the cardinal points because it’s the ‘main’ crystal in the grid.

Carnelian (NE, SE, SW, NW): Carnelian is known to balance the energy in a home, and I use it for this constantly. However, that’s only part of why I chose it for this grid. Importantly, hematite is a very energetically sensitive crystal, and they are known to break if they aren’t cleansed properly. The hematoid quartz in this grid is going to be working hard, and if the user is suffering from depression, they may not be able to cleanse it as often as is needed. That’s where the carnelian comes it; carnelian is used to cleanse the energy of other crystals. By placing a carnelian between each hematite included quartz, it works to balance the home while simultaneously cleansing the hematite.


  • For an added boost, carry a hematite included quartz with you, and cleanse its energy daily. Hematoid quartz jewelry is available online.
  • If at all possible, choose the crystals for your grid in person.
  • For the grid itself, you can print the Vegvísir and put the crystals on the sheet of paper; however, many places online will sell the symbol as a fabric patch or wood tile, and these will work as well. Using the Vegvísir is suggested, but not necessary; always use what you are most comfortable with.
  • Crystal grids with visible lines are best if you are not comfortable visualizing, or if you are not very practiced at it.
  • Keep charging your grid under the Full Moon on a monthly basis.
  • If the Moon is in a Fire sign (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) when you create or charge this grid it can’t hurt. I am not a big believer in waiting for a certain sign to work magick, but if you can get an extra boost that’s good too. For those who like to wait: wait for an Fire sign.


“Carnelian” in Love is in the Earth by Melody
“Harlequin Quartz” in Love is in the Earth by Melody

Image Credit

Header/top stock image via Pexels
Vegvísir symbol via Wikipedia
Harlequin quartz image by me

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