25 Bullet Journal Ideas for Witches

Bullet Journal Ideas for Witches and Pagans

There’s no shortage of bullet journal guides out there, but what about bullet journaling for witches? We have a specific set of needs, so below are some witchy ways to fill your bullet journal that I hope you will find inspiring.

What is a Bullet Journal (BuJo)?

In short, a bullet journal is an organizational system that favors simplicity above all else. A bullet journal can be created with nothing more than a notebook and a pen; they are a catch-all way to organize life. The bullet journal system was created by Rider Carroll. If you have never heard of bullet journaling before, the basics can be found on the BulletJournal.com website.

BuJo Page Ideas for Witches

Astrology & Moon Magick

1. Monthly Moon Phases
2. Yearly Full & New Moon Phases and/or Dates
3. Yearly or Monthly Planetary Movement (Cosmic Concerns)
4. Your Birth Chart
5. Numerology (monthly or yearly)
6. Mercury Retrogrades
7. Lunar Tracker


8. Daily/Weekly Tarot Card
9. Dream Journal
10. Divination Diary (general)
11. Sign Tracker

Magick & Witchcraft

12. Magickal Habit Tracker (divination, cleansing, meditation, offerings)
13. Magickal Inventory (candles, crystals, incense, herbs, tools)
14. Spell Tracker
15. Magickal Wishlist
16. Magickal Book List (library or wishlist)
17. Reading Diary with Ratings
18. Witchy Quotes


19. Oracle Cards with Meanings
20. Runes with Meanings
21. Alchemy Symbol Key (elements, planets, zodiac signs)
22. Tarot Cards with Meanings
23. God/dess Names with Correspondances
24. Crystal Correpondances
25. Numerology Correspondences


I hope that you have found this list to be helpful when planning your own magickal bullet journal. I’m working on mine right now, so if you’d like to see more magickal bullet journal posts in the future, please let me know in the comments!

Image Credit

Stock image by Jessica Lewis via Pexels

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