Full Moon January 1st 2018 in Cancer

Moon Magick January 2018

January 2018’s Full Moon is on Monday, January 1st at 9:24 PM EST; this Full Moon ends the cycle that started on June 23rd 2017 with the New Moon in Cancer. The Moon moves into Cancer at 3:10 AM on Monday January 1st, and exits Cancer at 5:46 PM on Tuesday January 2nd. This information is also detailed in my January 2018 Cosmic Concerns post and as in list below.

January 2018 Full Cold Moon Timing

  • January 1st, Monday: Moon enters Cancer 3:10 AM, Full Moon at 9:24 PM
  • January 2nd, Tuesday: Moon void-of-course 5:46 PM
  • January 3rd, Wednesday: Moon enters Leo 2:23 AM

I recommend doing your Full Moon ritual on the evening of January 1st, after 9:24 PM is ideal, but any time during the day is fine. You can do your ritual any time on January 2nd before 5:46 PM as well. Regardless, to charge items, they should sit out on the night of the 1st. January’s Full Moon is also a Supermoon, which will provide an extra dose of energy to your magick.

My guide, Witch’s Guide to Full Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

About January’s Full Moon

The two most common names for January’s Full Moon are the Cold Moon and the Wolf Moon. The name Cold Moon comes from January being one of the coldest times of the year; the name Wolf Moon is related since this is the time of winter when food is running low and wolves are growing hungry. Another name for the January Full Moon is the Moon After Yule, since the January Full Moon always occurs after the pagan holiday Yule, but before Imbolc, the next Sabbat on the pagan calendar. This Moon is occasionally called the Snow Moon, but that title usually refers to the February Full Moon. The message of this Moon is that we are in the heart of winter and must survive. This indicates a time of patience and hibernation.

Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, a Cardinal sign, and a Water sign that ruled by the Moon. Cancer is very centered around the home and family. Being ruled by the Moon it’s not surprising that Cancer is a very emotional sign, and they are very open emotionally; they can also hold on to slights because of this or retreat into themselves. All Water signs are in touch with their emotions, but Cancer is connected to the Moon, which adds an extra pull. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer is good at getting stuff moving. A Cancer can be moody, and would often rather go around than through, but they are also affectionate and loving. They tend to be homebodies, but are attracted to big personalities.

Back in June I suggested focusing your intentions for this lunar cycle on things like family, home improvement, or getting in touch with your emotions. The Cancer influence on this Full Moon, coupled with the hibernation aspect of the January Full Moon, makes this a nice time to work on emotionally decompressing from the winter holidays. Consider setting up a small retreat for yourself in house or working on journaling. This would also be an excellent time to do a home protection spell or charm.

Suggested Activities


For an Cancer Full Moon I recommend working with Agate, Amber, Calcite, Carnelian, Emerald, Moonstone, Opal, Rose Quartz, or Selenite. Moonstone and Selenite are the most recommended since they are associated with the Moon, which rules Cancer. They can be used in crystal grids, charm bags, or charged to be used as pocket rocks. You can also use them for spell work or add their information to your Grimoire.


There are a number of Gods and Goddesses associated with Cancer; for this Full Moon you can choose one that you find interesting and add them to your Grimoire. Suggested God/desses include: Artemis, Demeter, Diana, Isis, Janus, Juno, and Mercury. You can also add information about January’s Full Moon or a Full Moon in Cancer to your Grimoire.


Apple, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Pine, Rose, Sandalwood, Violet, Water Lily correspond to Cancer. Apple and Pine work particularly well for the January Full Moon. They can be burned as candles, essential oil in a diffuser, or incense.


For this Cancer New Year’s Full Moon, I suggest trying the Success Charm in Dorothy Morrison’s book “Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth” (pg. 47). The first link goes to the correct page on Google Books, and the second goes to my review of the book. The only change I make to the spell is that I use a cloth bag and wrap everything inside in paper, that way there’s a little packet.


Cancer is associated with the High Priestess and Chariot cards in the tarot deck. You can add these cards to your Grimoire or you could do a tarot reading with one of them as a guide.

  • The Chariot is a card of determination and focus, use the Chariot as a guide card and ask what to focus your energy on over the next month of year, then pull a number of cards and reflect on them. This is sort of like a tarot New Year’s Resolution spread.
  • The High Priestess is a card of soft power and intuition, for this card you can ask what the New Year will bring, and then lay out a number of cards to interpret.

Some people do a full, 12 month tarot reading on the New Year, with one card as the theme card for each month of the year. This can be done with all the cards, just the trumps (major arcana), or just the pips (minor arcana). Alternatively, you can pull a single theme card for the year, or any number that you feel comfortable interpreting.


Chamomile is associated with Cancer, and it works well for a January Full Moon. If you’re relaxing with your Book of Shadows or writing a gratitude list, having a cup of tea while you do so will add an extra seasonal boost.

More Resources

This is a new section for the (almost) new year, a collection of online resources that relate to this Full Moon in Cancer.

Full Moon in Cancer Infographic on Witchy Words – This is a beautiful infographic worth adding to your Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread on Noble Lion Prints – The post itself is from January 2017, but if you scroll to the bottom there’s a five card tarot spread for the Cancer Full Moon that addresses emotions and insecurities.


There’s something truly lovely about having a Full Moon on New Year’s Day. The Cancer cycle that started in June 2017 has closed, take what you can from it, and move forward with what you have learned. Blessed be, friends!


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Image Credit

Stock image by Luizclas via Pexels

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