Simple Sage Spell for Eliminating Everyday Negativity

Simple Sage Smoke Spell

There was a time in my life when there was a lot going wrong; not anything that was significant on its own, but lots of little things that added up to a bigger picture. The ‘run of bad luck’ that magickal folks are always a little suspicious of, shall we say. I worked on protecting my home multiple ways, which worked very well, but I also needed to work on myself.

While I believe there is absolutely a time and place for healthy negativity, I found myself thinking negative thoughts almost constantly, dwelling on things long after they were resolved, and finding a lot of negative things being attracted to my life. Along with a serious energy cleaning and protection work on my home, I started using this daily sage spell, and it worked wonders. Eventually the odd ‘coincidences’ went away, and the run of ‘bad luck’ ended. I hope that you will find it helpful as well!

Simple Sage Spell for Eliminating Everyday Negativity


  • Cauldron or fire-proof container
  • Lighter or matches
  • Sage bundle or loose leaves


Light the sage leaf and place it in your cauldron. Waft the smoke toward you, saying:

“Sage, sage, burn away,
Take negativity away.
Sage, sage, burn away,
Keep negativity away.”

Repeat until you feel comfortable, place the sage leaf into your cauldron, and allow the sage leaf to burn out on its own.


My favorite time of day to do this spell is in the morning, since it will help set the tone for the whole day. You can also use it anytime you feel negativity building up around you. I use a single sage leaf a day instead of a full bundle, but if you do use the bundle you don’t need the cauldron. Just make sure it’s out before you leave it alone, and remember to practice fire safety at all times.

Blessed be, friends!

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