Coven Craft: Fillable Intention Ornaments

How to Make Filled Intention Ornaments

If you’re looking for a Yule craft to do this year with your coven, magickal family, or solo, I present to you: filled intention ornaments. This is the very craft that my coven is creating for Yule 2017, and I’m very excited to share it with you.

Traditionally, an evergreen tree was brought inside the house as an act of sympathetic magick, protecting the forest throughout the harsh winter months. The tree was decorated with candles to represent the returning light, which is where the tradition of twinkle lights comes from. The round ornaments we are all familiar with represent the sun, as well, making this craft perfect for Yule. These ornaments can be made any time during the Yuletide season and can be done solo, with witchlings, or with a coven.

Below you will find a supply list, directions, and a list of correspondences that you can print for you or your group. Items can be mixed, matched, or left out as you please. The directions below make ten ornaments. The cost of each ornament is about $7 if you have to buy all the supplies, but you will probably have a lot of the supplies already on hand. My personal shopping list is in the Notes section. If you have a small coven like we do, this craft makes beautiful, personalized gifts for your friends and family.


  • Confetti
    • Evergreen Tree (green)
    • Snowflake (white)
    • Stars (gold or silver)
  • Glitter (red, green, gold, silver, white)
  • Glue (E6000 recommended)
  • Herbs
    • Blessed Thistle
    • Cinnamon Sticks (small)
    • Cloves
    • Frankincense Resin
    • Orange Peel
    • Myrrh Resin
    • Rosemary
    • Sage
    • Star Anise
  • Markers, paint or permanent
  • Ornaments (plastic suggested)
  • Paper Bowls
  • Paper Towels
  • Pine branches
  • String/ribbon (red, green, gold, silver, white)
  • Toothpicks


Set out all of your supplies, placing herbs into paper bowls and labeling the edges. Give everyone a fillable ornament and a list of correspondences. Each person fills half of their ornament focusing on what they would like the attract to their life in the new year. Once filled, test the ornament to make sure you like the way it looks and that it’s not too full to close.

Once the ornament half is filled, use the toothpick to dab a small amount of glue in several places around the connecting edge of the ornament halves. Place the hollow ornament half on top of the filled half, then snap them into place, being sure to remove any excess glue. If desired, decorate the outside with permanent marker or paint pens. Thread string or ribbon through the opening at the top of the ornament and make a loop, knotting it with a bow. Your ornament is complete and ready to hang on your tree or in your home!


I bought my confetti and string at the Target dollar spot for $1, and the confetti came in nice little reusable glass jars; they also have appropriately colored confetti glitter. I bought all the herbs except rosemary, sage, and pine – which I had on hand – from Monterey Bay Spice Company. Buying 1/4 pound of each herb plus shipping was about $45. The myrrh was the most expensive at about $9, the cloves were about $6, and all the rest were between $2 and $3. If you have herbs left over, many of these can be used as mulling spices for Yule apple cider. I got my fillable ornaments from Amazon and chose the 80mm size at a cost of ten for $9. The Target dollar spot also has a set of 4 fillable ornaments for $3. For glue I recommend E6000 since it’s flexible when dry and will create a good seal, a small container is about $6, and most craft stores carry it.

How to Make Fillable Ornaments with Correspondences

~ Correspondence Chart ~

Color Correspondences:

  • Green: Abundance, life, the living evergreen that thrives through the winter, new beginnings, wealth.
  • Gold: Gifts, God/male energy, prosperity, richness, solar energy, wealth.
  • Red: Vitality, fire (inner and outer), life force,
  • Silver: Goddess/female energy, lunar energy.
  • White: Calm, a ‘clean slate’, snow, peace, protection, silence.

Herb and Plant Correspondences:

  • Blessed Thistle: Blessings, healing, hex breaking, memory, prosperity, protection, purification.
  • Cinnamon Sticks: Astral and spiritual realms, authority, balance, clairvoyance,  harmony, inspiration, intuition, passion, prosperity, psychic powers, protection, strength, wealth.
  • Cloves: Attraction, authority, balance, binding, clairvoyance, divination, happiness, harmony, healing, power, prosperity, protection, psychic powers, purification, wealth.
  • Frankincense: Astral realm, balance, blessings, clairvoyance, comfort, courage, divination, growth (spiritual), happiness, harmony, inspiration, knowledge, luck, power, rebirth.
  • Orange Peel: Joy, the Sun, God/male energy.
  • Pine: Abundance, beginnings, binding, creativity, grounding, fertility, harmony (domestic), memory, prosperity, protection, purification, release, self-work, strength, transformation.
  • Myrrh: Abundance, balance, banishing, changes, gratitude, grounding, healing, manifestation, protection, psychic ability, strength, transformation, wealth.
  • Rosemary: Alertness, banishing, divination, healing, mental clarity, physical and psychic protection, strength.
  • Sage: Balance, clairvoyance, concentration, divination, fertility, gratitude, grounding, harmony, knowledge, memory, mental clarity, peace, prosperity, psychic ability, wealth.
  • Star Anise: Awareness, banishment, blessing, divination, energy, luck, power, psychic ability, purification, skills.

Symbol (Confetti) Correspondences:

  • Evergreen Tree: Resilience, properties of green.
  • Snowflake: Originality, properties of white.
  • Star: Hope, properties of gold or silver.


The variations on this craft are many. I specifically bought plastic fillable ornaments and stayed away from poisonous herbs for the safety of our familiars and witchlings. If you are in a house full of responsible adults and animals, you can add some other herbs such as holly and mistletoe. Before you hang your ornament, you can bring it to your Yule ritual for an extra energy punch. I hope you enjoyed the craft, and have a beautiful Yuletide season! Blessed be, friends.


Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences
by Susan Pesznecker (Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials Series)

Image Credit

Stock images via Pexels

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