Aventurine and Peridot Crystal Grid for Prosperity

Crystal Grid for Prosperity

This crystal grid uses aventurine, peridot, pyrite included quartz, and clear quartz to attract prosperity. Above is my actual prosperity grid that I used for over a year and a half, and, while it took some time to get going, it ended up working very well. I have disassembled it now, since I don’t like to put my active spells online for personal reasons, but I don’t see any reason that I shouldn’t post it now. I hope you will find it helpful!


Aventurine x4
Clear quartz generator crystal
Crystal grid base
Peridot x4
Pyrite or pyrite included quartz points x8

Before you begin, cleanse the crystals and the grid using your preferred method.


Chose a place to keep your crystal grid that won’t be disturbed for a long period of time. Since this is a prosperity grid it is associated with Earth, so on the East side of your home, room, or office is ideal. Start by assembling your grid in the pattern shown above. The generator crystal goes in the center, and the aventurine crystals are placed at the North, South, East, and West points. The peridot is spaced evenly between each aventurine at North East, South East, South West, and North West. Finally, the small, pyrite included quartz points (you can also use pyrite or clear quartz points) are placed between each crystal.

Once your grid is assembled you need to charge it. To do this, visualize each crystal connecting to the generator crystal by picturing a glowing white line of light being drawn between them. In the same way, connect each crystal to its neighbor until all of the crystals are connected through energetic lines. Once this is complete, the grid should ‘click’ together, indicating that it has formed a unit; this is something you will just ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ happening. You can visualize the white lines glowing brightly before fading away.

Your grid will need to be charged regularly, and will take some time before working, possibly months. On a daily to weekly basis, give you grid energy by visualizing a ball of white light in your hand. Hold that ball of light over the generator crystal and allow it to absorb that energy, distributing it to the surrounding crystals though the energetic lines you have already drawn. You can also charge the grid under the Full Moon by allowing the light of the Moon into the room where you keep your grid (opening the curtains or blinds). It is important not to disturb the grid and allow it to build energy over time.


  • For an added boost, keep any coins that you find and place them in a small bowl next to the grid.
  • If at all possible, choose the crystals for your grid in person. For this grid I selected the aventurine and peridot in person.
  • For the grid itself, I used a slice of wood (which also symbolized Earth), but there are many beautiful grids available. You can also print grids from the internet and put the crystals on the sheet of paper, it will work just as well.
  • Crystal grids with visible lines are best if you are not comfortable visualizing, or if you are not very practiced at it.
  • Similarly, with giving the grid energy, if you are not comfortable visualizing, wait for the Full Moon to charge it and keep charging it under the Full Moon on a monthly basis.
  • I got my pyrite included quartz from the shop Hounds of Apollo and I absolutely love them. They collect the quartz themselves in the mountains of Washington state and all the crystals I’ve received from them have wonderful energy.
  • If the Moon is in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) when you create this grid it can’t hurt. I am not a big believer in waiting for a certain sign to work magick, but if you can get an extra boost that’s good too. For those who like to wait: wait for an Earth sign. Similarly, charging when the Full Moon is in that Earth sign is extra helpful for your grid.

5 thoughts on “Aventurine and Peridot Crystal Grid for Prosperity

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