New Moon November 18th 2017 in Scorpio

The November 2017 New Moon in Scorpio occurs at 6:42 AM EST on Saturday, November 18th, which is when the Moon also goes void-of-course (a not uncommon occurrence). The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1:59 PM that same day. The good news is that the Moon is in Scorpio all day Friday November 17th, and it enters Scorpio at 3:19 AM on Thursday November 16th, so it will essentially be in Scorpio for two full days. This information is also detailed in my Cosmic Concerns: November 2017 post if you’d like to see this information as a list.

What this means is that you can do your New Moon ritual after 3:19 AM on the 16th (shouldn’t be too hard since I hope you’ll be sleeping then), or any time on the 17th.

The two week manifestation point for this New Moon is on Sunday, December 3rd with the Full Moon in Gemini. This also happens to be when Mercury goes Retrograde in Sagittarius, oh goody gumdrops. The six month manifestation point is on Sunday, April 29th 2018 with the Full Moon in Scorpio.

My guide, Witch’s Guide to New Moon Magick, can be found on the site here; this post is a companion to that guide. If you’re new to Moon magick that’s a great place to begin.

New Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, a Fixed sign, Water sign, and is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Scorpios, as a Fixed sign, are more likely to be introverted and stubborn. They are very willful and work toward a goals relentlessly. Scorpio is a transformative sign that embodies both creation (sexual energy) and destruction (Pluto); it is the creatrix of the zodiac, if you will. The negative aspect of Scorpio comes from ruling planet Mars’ temper; they can be quick to anger, and, as a Water sign, Scorpio is in touch with emotions. That’s a recipe for some very personal insults from an angry Scorpio, after all, they are known for their famous sting.

Because of these Scorpio traits, consider focusing your intentions for the next six month cycle on what you would like to see through to completion before the end of the year. This may be the time to dust off those New Year’s Resolutions before the year is up and pick one or two from the list that you want to have checked off. This is especially true if it’s something you can complete on your own; Scorpios are natural introverts, after all. Of course, remember that this cycle ends in April 2018, so you may want to jump ahead to next year’s goals, or focus on something you can complete before the Full Moon in two weeks. Scorpio is a fixed sign that gets things done, and that’s great energy to work with if you’re ready to push through (especially with the holidays looming). 

Scorpios are also known for their dark energy. If you’re building up the nerve to not invite someone to Thanksgiving or a winter holiday celebration, then Scorpio’s energy may help you say “no,” though the politeness of the delivery is on you. This is also a good time of year to do ‘shadow work’ where you explore the parts of yourself of which you may not be proud. Then, instead of disliking yourself for those things, embracing the good that can be found in everything, even the darkness.


Suggested Tarot Spread: 3 Cards

Since Scorpio is the sign associated with darkness, this tarot spread is built around embracing a part of yourself that you may not like. After pulling the first card, brainstorm about what positive aspects can be found within that perceived negative.

Card #1: What negative aspect of myself should I work to embrace?
Card #2: What will help me embrace this aspect of myself?
Card #3: What will the outcome of embracing this aspect be?

Instead of this spread, you can always ask how best to use the energy of Scorpio season, or what will help your meet the goals that you set as intentions.


With your intentions set and advice in mind, now you can go into the New Moon cycle and put your intentions to work with actions! The Full Moon in December is a good time to check in and review your notes, then in April 2018 we’ll meet again to see how we’ve done.

I hope you all found this guide helpful, I’ll be back at the next Moon and we can go through the steps together again. Have a beautiful lunar cycle, my friends!


Scorpio Astrology” on

Image Credit

“Scorpio,” Plate 23 from Urania’s Mirror, Sidney Hall, 1825, restored by Adam Cuerden

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