Magickal Journal Ideas for November 2017

Maybe it’s the introspective nature of the Samhain season, but lately I’ve been wanting to redouble my efforts to fill my own grimoire. Below I have a list of topics to pack your magickal journal over the course of November. There are both prompts and correspondences listed below the activities. Hopefully we will all be inspired!


Recipes: Any favorite recipes, Sabbat recipes, recipes only you know, or special family recipes that haven’t been recorded can go in your magickal journal. Not all people keep recipes in their magickal journal, but there’s no reason not to if it resonates with you. If you don’t want to keep food recipes in your journal, think of a home remedy from your grandparents or great-grandparents and record it instead.

Thanksgiving Gratitude List: I usually reserve gratitude lists for Full Moons, but Thanksgiving is a holiday about thankfulness, after all (at least in its modern form). Spend time around Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) creating a master gratitude page in your magickal journal. Even if ‘gratitude’ it hokey to you, consider it a piece of attracting magick. This can be everything you are thankful for in life, or just in the last year.

Thanksgiving Reflection: Thanksgiving is a stressful holiday for a lot of people (myself included); before Thanksgiving, write a list of everything that you are worried is going to go wrong. Whether you realize it or not, you are giving energy to these fears. Once you have written them down, allow your mind to let them go; they’re in a safe place, no need to remember them anymore. After Thanksgiving is over, review the list. One of two things will happen: all or most of your fears will not have happened, or some/all of them have, and you’ve still survived. Variation: Once you have written your list of fears, burn the list in your cauldron to release them. Add a post-holiday reflection to your magickal journal in its place.


For correspondences, I suggest selecting any of the topics below that interest you, and adding a page of information about them to your magickal journal. If an items is linked it means that I have information available on it (which is the same information I put in my grimoire). If you don’t already have one, my guide to starting a grimoire or book of shadows can be found here.


  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius


Full Moon Names

  • Beaver Moon
  • Frost Moon
  • Mourning Moon


  • Dia de Los Muertos (October 31st – November 2nd)
  • Night of Hecate (November 16th)
  • Thanksgiving (November 23rd)

Mythology and Folklore

  • Demeter and Persephone
  • Izanami and Izanagi


  • 2 (number for the month of November)
  • 3 (number for November 2017)
  • 11/11


  • Jupiter
  • Mars
  • Pluto

I hope that you found my list helpful! Blessed be, friends.


Llewellyn’s¬†Complete Book of Correspondences

Image Credit

Stock image via Pexels

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