Aura Crystals: Are They Magickal?

Are aura crystals the next step in crystal evolution, or sparkling, rainbow-coated, fakes? The first time I ever saw an aura quartz crystal I thought it was some amazing, fairy-infused nugget of pure magic. Ironic, since aura crystals are bonded with metal and faeries don’t really like metal. Once I realized that auras are treated crystals – essentially man-made – the love affair ended before it began. Before the spark of desire completely faded, however, I did buy a few aura crystals, and was really unhappy with both the quality and the expense. However, a lot of people really love aura crystals or aura anything, so I thought it would be interesting to explore their creation (or rather modification) process and the general debate surrounding their magickal use.

How Are Aura Crystals Created?

To make an aura crystal the manufacturer starts with real crystals, almost always clear quartz, that is of an inferior quality due to coloration or damage. The crystals are put in a vacuum chamber, super-heated, and coated with vaporized metals that bonding with the crystal at an atomic level. The same process is used in car manufacturing. Importantly, the aura treatment is a coating, and because of that only affects the surface of the crystal. Aura crystals are expensive because of the metals used, such as gold or titanium, to achieve the color effect. It’s a great way to make a poorly-colored crystal super valuable, provided that you have the right equipment.

Recently, calcite, chalcedony conchas, agate slices, agate geodes, cactus quartz, tumbled stones, and amethyst cluster aura crystals have been popping up, too, with new crystal and color combinations surfacing all the time.

Aura crystals vary widely in quality, too. Large clusters often have a dull spot of original stone showing where it was resting on the vacuum chamber floor, and isn’t coated all the way around because of it. Generally, points and tumbles are coated all the way around, but clusters often have a bald spot on the bottom. Though this may be the mark of cheap manufacturing, all of the clusters I obtained suffered from it.

Are Aura Crystals Magickal?

Aura crystals may be magical-looking, but I’m not in the camp that feels that aura crystals are magickal for me. That being said, they may be magickal for you. What’s important is how you feel about them and if they works for/with you. I feel like aura crystals are one part princess and one part money making machine. However, if you’re vibing on them, that means they may work for you.

Theoretically, the metal bonding process would add the metal’s properties to the properties of the original crystal. On the other hand, some say that the aura-ficiation process smothers and negates the crystal’s original power, which is also logical. Further, some people claim that the aura quartz that’s manufactured overseas does not have the same “high vibration” as carefully manufactured aura quartz. These people generally advise against buying aura crystals from China (where I got my horrible ones from). Oddly, aura crystals are two natural things combined in an unnatural way, so while I land on the ‘no’ side of the debate, I don’t have a huge issue with them, as long as they aren’t being presented as naturally occurring.

When researching their magickal properties, proceed with caution. I don’t get any magickal feeling from holding aura crystals, so it’s either that they don’t have those properties, or my energy doesn’t sync up with theirs. There are plenty of websites that list their metaphysical properties, of which Crystal Vaults is the only one I found that lists sources. That being said, when I looked up their references in Melody’s book Love is in the Earth, the cited entries were not accurate (as in, there seemed to be no relation to what they were writing). Why would a rose aura quartz help with puberty? Because it’s pink? A ruby aura quartz is made with the same metals and has different properties. Just because of the color? I’m very suspicious of where these meanings arose from. The bright side of that uncertainty is that you can work with aura crystals intuitively.

In the end, I land on the side of the aura crystal debate that rejects their use in witchcraft. How you feel about it is ultimately up to you to decide.

Fake Aura Crystals

Since aura crystals are so popular and valuable, even these quasi-natural-unnatural beauties are being faked. I bought a hilariously bad fake that I immediately got rid of (I wish I could post photos of it) in bold magenta, navy blue, and grass green that looked like it had been (and likely was) spray painted. Beware aura crystals that have bands of different color, especially garish colors, with patches of white coming through, or in colors that no other auras come in. The illustration photo to the right shows what I believe to be a fake tri-color aura crystal cluster. The website (Jab Jewelry on Alibaba) has a lot of them available and the colors overlap and bleed. For example a bubblegum pink-sky blue bi-color aura is purple where the colors overlap. Not a good sign. Another shows a patch of white where it looks like the spray didn’t hit, something that wouldn’t happen in a vacuum with vaporized metal. Further, there are many aura quartz points being sold that are actually just glass, and aura quartz being manufactured with cheap metals to cut costs. If it’s not a bit expensive, it’s not real aura quartz. Aqua aura, a pale blue, gets it color from 24 karat gold. I would be suspicious of large, affordable aura points or wands.

In the end, whether or not you want to work your magick with aura crystals or clusters is completely up to you; following your intuition is always the best path. Aura crystals are not for me, but if they are for you then ask informed questions, be careful of fakes, and choose your crystals carefully. It’s always great to be able to crystal shop in person, but if you can’t, be sure to find a reputable seller who can tell you what metals were used in the process and where the crystal was treated.

Further Reading

“Man Made Crystal-Stuffs: Orgonite, Andara, Aura Quartz” by Hibiscus Moon

Image Credit

Header Image via Wild Inanda Shop

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