Full Moon January 12th 2017 in Cancer/Leo

Okay, so it’s 2017 and I’m dropping the ball already. My first Full Moon Magick post of the year is late! I already got up on my soapbox to talk about this, but here goes again: A lot of people are posting that this Full Moon on the night of the 12th is in Cancer and it’s not, it’s in Leo … but it’s also not in Leo. What’s happening? Allow me to explain.

On January 11th 2017 the Moon was in Cancer, and it stayed in Cancer until January 12th at 6:34 AM EST when it went void-of-course. That means it’s not in any sign. That was also the precise moment that the Moon became Full. The Moon stayed v/c until 7:08 PM when it entered Leo, which it will stay in until 10:17 AM EST on Saturday the 14th. Anyone saying the Moon is in Cancer on the evening of the 12th is mistaken because, if you do your ritual on the night of the 12th, the Moon is in Leo. Unless you did your Moon ritual a day early (before it’s even full) or very early in the morning on the 12th (the astrologically best option), you’re on the wrong side of the cycle. The New Moon in Cancer on July 4, 2016 was the beginning of the Moon cycle that ended at this Full Moon. You cannot have a Moon cycle start in one sign and end in another, ever. So yes, the Full Moon was technically in Cancer on the morning of the 12th … but if you waited until the evening (which everyone does) it’s in Leo.

Arg! What a fun way to start the new year, right?

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Astra Anima’s 2016 Year in Review

I thought it would be nice to end 2016 by posting a year in review for the Astra Anima blog, which I really started writing for in February 2016. It wasn’t until October that I really figured out what I wanted the blog to “be,” and after that point posts became way more frequent and focused. Below are my 18 favorite posts from the year, broken into categories.


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Book Reviews

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– Everyday Witchcraft by Deborah Blake

Moon Magick

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