January 2017 Book of Shadows Dashboards and Dates to Remember

Grimoire Dashboard January 2017

Hello, friends! The January 2017 planner dashboards for your Grimoire/Book of Shadows are now available now in the shop. I anticipate shipping them out the last week in December (I need a post office break), so they should arrive to people inside the US by January 1st. For this dashboard I added the Capricorn constellation and dates in the lower right corner; on the back is a compact flower of life that you can use as a crystal grid. Multitasking!

I chose the two little spirit children in kimonos for this month’s main image because I thought it would be perfect for the Lunar New Year. This planner dashboard was made using officially licensed images. Made for witches by witches!

I absolutely hope that I can make this a regular thing this year. Fingers crossed.

Important Dates: January 2017

8th: Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Ends

12th: Full Moon in Cancer

20th: Celtic Tree Month of Birch Ends

21st: Celtic Tree Month of Rowan Begins

28th: New Moon in Aquarius

28th: Lunar New Year – Year of the Rooster/Chicken (New Year’s Resolution time if you celebrate the Lunar New Year instead of the Solar one.)


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