Crystal Closeup: Topaz

Growing up as a November baby I must confess that I thought that I had lamest birthstone imaginable: topaz. It was just so yellow and I always longed for my sister’s birthstone (amethyst) to be mine instead. I felt like it was some cosmic mix-up where she got a cool birthstone and I got an uncool one. Happily, as an adult I made peace with my birthstone, and discovered that topaz and amethyst can be used in conjunction to create powerful, healing energy.

Topaz comes in a variety of colors including blue, brown, colorless, green, orange, and pink. The classic, yellow variety is the most common and is one of November’s birthstones. A lot of the topaz on the market has been treated in some way: much of blue topaz is heat-treated colorless topaz, and all ‘mystic topaz’ has been treated. Some of the most well-known natural topaz comes from Brazil, specifically the Ouro Preto deposit. The label ‘topaz’ was used for hundreds of years to indicate a yellow crystal, but in the 1800s the meaning of ‘topaz’ was refined, and many other colors of the gem were discovered.

Below is a breakdown of some of the important information about topaz, which you can copy into your grimoire, and some suggested magickal activities.

Crystal: Topaz

Astrology: Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Family: Silicates

Mohs: 8

Magickal Uses: Healing, Protection, Renewal

Metaphysical Properties: Topaz is known as the stone of true love and success, one that replaces negativity with joy, and provides the user with confidence. It helps to understand both the macro and micro, promotes trust in the universe, and helps one to express ideas. Unlike quartz, the ends and facets of topaz produce both positive and negative energy; this makes topaz a powerful conductor crystal for manifestation exercises. Topaz helps one ‘absorb’ what is needed from the universe, giving the user to ability to act. Used in conjunction with the soothing energies of amethyst, topaz creates a powerful combination for white magick and healing. Topaz can also be used to manifest health.

Suggested Activities: Since topaz is a precious gem, a large piece can be expensive, though small rough/raw pieces can be found for an affordable price. You can make a small crystal grid with topaz and amethyst to use for healing. Topaz is known to fade, so do not keep the grid in bright sunlight. Since the topaz piece(s) you’ll have are, in all likelihood, going to be small, I suggest keeping them on your person, rather than attempting to draw energy from a small stone at a distance. Charge the topaz in the full moon with the intention of infusing them with what ever kind of energy you would like to work with: confidence building, trusting the universe, replacing negativity with positivity, or health (emotional, mental, physical, etc.). Then keep the small topaz in a charm bag or a charm bag necklace. This can also be done with raw or faceted topaz jewelry as well. When using topaz for a manifestation exercise, hold it directly in your hand and focus on conducting energy directly through the crystal. Buy topaz from a trusted seller, especially ones that list the mine of origin, in order to avoid heat-treated or fake crystals.


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Image Credit

Topaz by Viamineralia
Topaz by Structure Minerals
Stock image via Pexels

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