Astra Anima Rose Soy Candle

Astra Anima Rose Scented Soy Candles

Embellished Rose Soy Candles

It’s been brewing for a long time so I’m very excited to announce that Astra Anima soy candles are finally available in the shop! This new rose candle has a classic, rich red rose fragrance and I’ve decorated the candle with glitter, rose quartz tumbled stones, and red rose petals (dried and crushed in house). Made from soy wax, it comes in a 4 oz tin (approximately 3 oz of wax) and has an approximate burning time of 20 hours. For best results for this and all candles, make sure the top layer of wax is completely pooled before blowing the candle out. When re-lighting keep the wick trimmed to 1/4″ to both extend burning time and minimize smoking. That’s just a candle pro tip.

As a witch, I really want to make candles that were witch friendly, made with cleansed and charged ingredients, candles that would be perfect coven gifts and altar decorations. In fact, the roses on our first batch of candles were a Valentine’s Day gift from my partner, so they are packed full of love. There are about a billion options for candles out there, but when it comes to magickal workings, I feel that pagans bring their own set of needs to the table because we use them for different reasons than other people. That’s why I wanted to make Astra Anima candles a reality. The energy that’s being diffused – I wanted it to be special.

Astra Anima Rose Scented Soy Candles

Rose Candle, Burn in Progress

When it comes to candle making my partner and I are a team, which is why I keep saying “we” and “our” even though it sounds strange to me. I come up with the ideas, my partner does research, then he crafts the actual candle, then I do the embellishing, labeling, and photography. I’m so lucky to have such a great person to work beside because these candles would not have become a reality without him.

Eventually we’ll be adding color to our embellished candles and “naked” candles that have no dye or embellishments, but I wanted to get our first offering up because I’m just too excited about it. For me more is more, but my partner is a minimalist hippie type (luckily, we practice magick together, so at least we can agree on that!). I have big candle plans, people. I’m buzzing with excitement! Stay tuned.


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