Crystal Vibe Shopping Guide: Malachite

I was planning a larger article on malachite that turned into book-level research project and completely got away from me. Since I’m not researching a book (yet, potential publishers, call me) I decided to post my findings is bits and pieces. Below is the shopping guide for some truly remarkable malachite and malachite-inspired items. Who knew a Fornasetti plate with a drawing of malachite could sell for more than a plate made of actual malachite? Well, now it’s all of us. The malachite offerings shown here are presented in order from most expensive to least expensive and while some are, shall we say, “aspirational,” others are downright affordable.

Malachite Pattern Plates by Fornasetti

Malachite Pattern Plates by Fornasetti

Fornasetti has got to be the king of malachite, and these plates are made with his signature illustrations. I found this set of twelve porcelain plates on this auction site, but they are no longer available. If you want to get close you can buy the 24″ aluminum version at Barney’s for $975. Or, you know, donate the money to charity, whatever. Fornasetti’s malachite print is also available on everything from candles to tables to wallpaper.

Victorian Malachite Brooch $750

Victorian Malachite Brooch $750

For a moment I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find a proper competitor for the Fornisetti plates that was made out of real malachite, but then I found this stunning Victorian brooch on Etsy. It’s 14K gold, measures around 3″ across, and costs $750. Pick it up at Acanthus Antiques and tell them I sent you and that they owe me for referring the sale. Also, I don’t feel like modern jewelry is as simple and elegant, while also being as subtly ostentatious as this brooch, and that’s a real shame.

Malachite Pillow by Tony Duquette

Malachite Pillow by Tony Duquette $160-250

Do you have a lot of money, a penchant for artisanal throw pillows, a decor that can handle dark green, and a love of malachite? Well, have I got the pillow for you. Tony Duquette has created “Gemstone” (above), which features a malachite illustration. It ranges in price from $160 to $250 and comes in a variety of styles. I think it must be stuffed with gold flakes for that price. Needless to say he also offers a number of animal print pillows. … I actually hate myself a little, but I confess that I kind of love this pillow.

Malachite Candle by L'Objet $135

Malachite Candle by L’Objet $135

Clocking in with potentially the most pretentious brand name ever, L’Objet offers you a $135 pink champagne scented candle in a malachite-inspired, 24K gold embellished, limoges porcelain package. It’s also available in a pencil cup. I don’t know about you, but when I think of malachite the fragrance of pink champagne doesn’t exactly pop into my head. One of my big goals for Astra Anima is a line of crystal inspired candles, and malachite is high on that list. I promise you now that it will not smell like booze.

Wenge Wood and Malachite Ring $90

Wenge Wood and Malachite Inlay Ring $90

This ring is completely stunning and if my partner were not so hard on things it would be a strong candidate for his wedding ring. Knowing him, he would immediately break it, so it will have to say on the wishlist. This ring is made from wenge wood and inlaid with malachite; an absolutely stunning piece for all of $90.

Fibrous Malachite from Venusrox $39

Fibrous Malachite from Venusrox $39

Malachite comes in so many different forms it was hard to narrow down which specimens to feature. This fibrous malachite specimen from Venusrox is from the People’s Republic of the Congo and measures 2.1″ at it’s widest point. If you want to take it home it will cost you $39, and it’s a beautiful piece. If you’re looking for way more expensive specimens, they have those, too, but the small ones are stand outs to me.

Malachite Shirt by Ravynka

Malachite Shirt by Ravynka $34

Finally in the “something I can actually afford” category comes this lovely Malachite Shirt by Ravynka for $34. Since the shirt is on Soceity6 it is also available as a rug, phone case, leggings, and yes, even a throw pillow.

For more malachite goodness, including these pieces, check out my Malachite board on Pinterest. Feel free to add your own malachite suggestions in the comments and thank you for reading!

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