My Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde 8/30/16 – 9/22/16


Mercury Retrograde Street Sign

Another Mercury Retrograde season has come and gone, this one spanning (more or less) the first three weeks of September. With Mercury going retrograde in Virgo, I expected things to be a real mess, since the sign rules over organization. I will admit that my files got a touch disorganized, but, on the whole, this retrograde wasn’t too bad for me.

Some greatest hits include the brakes on my car suddenly making a horrifying noise, but I immediately pulled over and got them fixed. Another was that my S.O. and I made an offer on a house, which had been on the market for six days with no offers, only to get immediately outbid. Finally, I spilled a full glass of water on my new Macbook … but it was fine. Though I did totally freak out, to be honest.

Those are the three that I can remember because, as you know, I do not keep a running tally during the retrograde. I really do believe that list making is a form of minor magick, and, as we all know, like attracts like.

Maybe being a Scorpio helped me out this time, but who knows. Our next Mercury Retrograde is December 19th 2016 through January 8th 2017 in Capricorn. A Mercury Retrograde in that sign would likely effect traits like respect, responsibility, support, and authority. Remember it can go either way though, you would be totally unsupportive, or be so supportive that it borders on codependency. My theory is that the retrograde has a stronger impact depending on your sign, so we’ll see what happens. (Holidays are always crazy though, so this isn’t exactly a welcome retrograde period).

What was your experience with the September 2016 Mercury Retrograde? Was it damage control all month long, or did you escape relatively unscathed?