The Crystal Art of Emma Black

I recently discovered Emma Black’s amazing artwork through Instagram. I was instantly in love and immediately placed an order in her shop. Today I wanted to show off some of her gorgeous work.

Emma Black Amethyst Drawing

First is this amazing watercolor and ink amethyst slice, which I bought. I’m so excited to see it in person that I can’t help but want to show it off. I have a slowly growing collection of crystal art and I’m beyond thrilled that this piece is now a part of it.

Emma Black Rainbow Quartz Drawing

This gorgeous watercolor and ink rainbow aura quartz drawing was very tempting, but I didn’t buy it (yet!) since it’s approximately $80 USD and I’m a little low on funds at the moment. I’m not a huge aura quartz fan, but Black’s interpretation of aura quartz is extremely beautiful. The way the colors blend in this piece is remarkable, I could stare at it for hours.

Emma Clack A5 Notebooks

Next are these A5 notebooks that feature Black’s illustrations. Both are covered in crystals and have unique illustrations on both sides. They come in lined and unlined and are about $10 USD each. Once I had already placed my order I wish I had bought the black notebook because I realized it would be a perfect grimoire. Next time!

Emma Black What We Fear is Ourselves

Leaving Black’s shop, I wanted to take a moment to show you some of her amazing fine art work. The piece above is called “What We Fear is Ourselves” and it’s an in progress oil painting. It’s so beautiful and expressive and I love how the crystals are growing out of the eye/face of the woman. I don’t know why, but I’ve had the same visualization of crystals growing out of eyes/faces so often that I wrote a short short about it, so I’m pretty obsessed. When I saw this painting I was like, “She gets it!”

Emma Black Meet My Maker

Meet My Maker is a graphite and digital series that Black is currently working on. It has to do with human beings interacting harmoniously with nature which I think she achieves beautifully.


I am so thrilled that I stumbled upon Emma Black’s work and cannot wait to see it in person. I put a list of links below so you can keep up with her online. As noted in the descriptions, all of the images and art used in this post are copyright Emma Black.

Emma Black Online

Facebook: Emma Black Art
Instagram: googoogilly
Shop: Bigcartel
Website: Portfolio

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