New Rainbow Fluorite Point in the Shop

Natural Crystal Fluorite Point

Adopt this Fluorite Point

Now that summer is here I am finally able to start adding crystals to the Astra Anima shop again. I am so excited to be able to work on this project again and I have no many beautiful pieces waiting to find their homes. I am also hoping to learn a lot more about crystals as well so I plan (fingers crossed) to be posting here with the information I learn.

I chose this unique fluorite point as the first new piece because I feel like it’s been calling me to for a little while now. That means, to me, that its forever home is looking for it. What I love about this point (you can also use it as a crystal tower since it is self-standing) is that it’s such an unusual shade. The purple and green bands are lighter, giving the purple an orchid tone and the green an almost pastel olive hue.

Natural Crystal Fluorite Point

From my shop:

Metaphysically speaking, fluorite is called the “genius stone” and is used for organization and increased concentration and focus. Fluorite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. Green fluorite helps with intuition and absorption of environmental energies. Purple fluorite helps with common sense as well as psychic intuitions. Clear/white fluorite brings understanding and manifestation to intuition.

On a personal note, my boyfriend carries tumbled fluorite with him because he is super disorganized and forgetful and fluorite helps him remember to check his email at work!

You can adopt this specific fluorite point in the shop and look through a gallery of its photos below. If you have any comments or questions I would be very happy to answer them, just leave a comment. Love and light!

~ Bee



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