Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde 4/28/16 – 5/22/16

Mercury Retrograde by Adam JK

Whelp, we survived 2016’s second Mercury retrograde, hurray! Each retrograde seems to have different effects, for example, during the January 2016 retrograde I broke tons of stuff. I heard it was rough for a lot of Scorpios during January though, so I was hoping the May one would be a little better, and in a way it was … kind of.

The first week to ten days of the May cycle I was so grumpy, I fought with my boyfriend many times, and it was obvious that I was picking fights with him. Luckily that subsided pretty quickly and didn’t peak again at the end. My Aquarius boyfriend always gets the worst of the retrogrades, and he’s very understand, but it’s still unpleasant for all parties.

Make It Rain

Me during May 2016 retrograde, as portrayed by Diddy.

The May retrograde was in Taurus, too, which rules over money, and man was I feeling the effects. First of all, I got so spendy. I mean, buy, buy, buy … I bought a ton of stuff. Once more, I missed out on a ton of good deals. I used a 20% off coupon at Michael’s and got a 30% off coupon emailed to me the next day ($10 loss). I got a Kawaii Box subscription and, before my first box was mailed, a blog I follow posted 20% off a coupon ($12 loss). I bought a subscription (a trend I guess) to Faerie Magazine and some back issues, before my subscription has started they have a deal that when you subscribe you get the very back issue I bought for free ($14 loss). There was at least one more example, but I’ve forgotten it. The worst, which I just remembered, was buying Pikmin 3 for the fam for $47 only to have it become some special $20 Nintendo re-release during the retrograde. Whut?! That’s $27 lost to the bull! I did a bit of a total at one point and there was about $100 of non-saved purchases that I found deals/coupons for the day or two days after I bought them. Yikes!

Also, they say there’s a bit of a “halo effect” around the retrograde, like a splash in a pond, and I have to confess that there was a huge communication breakdown with a parent (I’m a teacher) on the 23rd that spilled over into the 24th and – long story short – I was reprimanded … with 9 days left in the school year. On top of that I wrote two referrals today, both for students (teenage girls) who were being flat out belligerent. I’m hoping now, finally, that Mercury is direct, things will calm down.

So how did you all survive the May retrograde this year? I’m wondering if certain moon signs felt it more than others (like us Scorpios back in January) and who it was that got the brunt of the retro-wrath. I’d love to chat with you in the comments!